Destin, FL > Deep Sea Fishing Charters
12/15/2019 ~ 12/21/2019
Booking easy
about 2 months ago
Booking and check in was easy. Boat crew was very nice. The only complaint is we moved everytime we got our hooks to the bottom, having no time to fish. I'd give them another try though!
David W
Great experience
about 1 month ago
Although the waters were very choppy and some of us were sea sick, it was a memorable trip we will never forget! We caught 11 fish and saw dolphins!
Zakiyyah T
Kept us on the critters!
about 1 month ago
Had a good time for my 10 year old sons birthday, caught the biggest fish of his life and the crew were very helpful keeping him going.
Matthew S
We caught lots of fish and shipped them home
about 1 month ago
My husband caught and kept 16 fish... white snapper and mingo. Too many to cook and eat during our vacation, so he had them frozen and shipped home by Destin Seafood Ice, where we had visited two days before to buy shrimp and snacks for visiting relatives. Boat staff recommended Sextons, but we went there, and they no longer ship. I just went along for the ride, by choice. One mistake I made... I thought Nov. in FL would be warmer, and I had a light "hoodie." We started the trip at the front of the boat. I got splashed, very cold, and boat was moving too much for me to get back inside quickly enough. Next time, I would stay inside the cabin and dress warmer. Still, a great experience, and so glad that my husband enjoyed this and caught so many fish. Someone else caught a very large grouper.
Laurie J
about 1 month ago
Had a great time fishing and deckhands we’re great
Don Y
about 12 days ago
Gerald C
about 13 days ago
john p
about 14 days ago
Jason M
about 14 days ago
Christopher W
about 14 days ago
Angela S
about 16 days ago
Pam D