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Gulf Breeze great job

about 16 days ago
We had a great trip. Caught some fish, and someone on our boat caught a big shark. Lots of dolphins and even some jelly fish
Monica Peete

Fishing finally

about 15 days ago
The fishing part was pretty good when we finally dot there. We had almost gotten out in the gulf when we had to turn around and head back to the dock, apparently with engine trouble. We spent about 20 min there and left again. We got out into the gulf and 45 min until it we had engine trouble again which resulted in another half hour wait. So overall we lost out on about an hour of fishing time. But when we did get to start fishing it was ok
Jack Rector

What an adventure!

about 2 days ago
Overall, we had a great time, except my son and brother threw up 2 to 3 times! Being in the middle of the gulf with no landmarks was interesting. There were a lot of unusual species of fish out there! We did catch a good amount of redfish.
Wyteka Wilson

Party Boat

about 26 days ago
Caught quite a few fish and had a great time with my daughter. One engine went out on the trip there, but the captain was able to hold us on the fish. On the way back in we ran into a thunderstorm with torrential downpours, but it gave us that much more to talk about our trip. All the mates were great and very attentive. Good times.
Mark McIntyre

Great time!

about 24 days ago
This was our first time deep sea fishing and the 8 hour trip was excellent! We enjoyed the ride out and back and had about 5 hours of fishing time. The crew was friendly and informative. We caught 28 fish in total. Looking forward to going again!
Heather Sussman

San Antonio Family Vacation

about 26 days ago
Had a great time we got around 10 fish it was a bit long until we started fishing but it was experienced for my 9 year old grandson. Would do it again. Planning to go back to Destin next year. It was beautiful
Mary Musquiz

Nice boat, nice crew, but no fish

about 8 days ago
The overall experience was nice; however, with 28 people fishing for 6 hours it was disappointing that only 3 small snappers were caught by the entire group.
Allison Gonzalez


about 19 days ago
Experience was good. Didn't catch much. My husband had a great time with his 2 boys for sure
Brandy Smith

Best Time

about 14 days ago
This is our second trip with you and it didn’t disappoint! Of course we wanted to catch more fish but the crew, especially Stone, made it a great morning!
Nicole Witting

Great captain and crew

about 4 days ago
Was fun! Crew helped tremendously and once charter was over they cleaned and had us ready to go And cook fresh fish. Thank you Captain and Crew
Debbie Moreno

Waste of money!

about 19 days ago
I get it, it’s a charter not a private guide but it was a horrible experience and I’ve been on much better charters. We drove 2 hours out to fish, the weights were 22& 24oz weights having to drop about 200 yards down so by the time you reeled up a fish you were so tired just from reeling you were worn out. The rude deckhand said we put heavier weights on so ppl wouldn’t get tangled up with each other so bad. (Well that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t book 30 ppl on one trip) then we had ppl puking everywhere and not watching their kids that were doing laps around the boat while we were trying to fish. Half of the fish we caught were too small the deckhands would just come by throw your fish back in the water and walk off. The bench around the edge of the boat was so small that no one in our party of 7 could actually sit on it. Inside the cabin was full of ppl laying down or throwing up so no other place to sit. This boat is an older boat, not comfortable, didn’t put us on any good fish and is basically there for the money. WASTE!
Mary K Robinson

Good trip

about 22 days ago
Me and my 12 year old son went on a 10 hour trip. We had a great time the captain was great he put us on fish and the deck hands was very helpful professional and knowledgeable. We would have went on a 4 hour trip the next day but they was booked up . I highly recommend it


about 14 days ago
Great at explaining and a very pleasant experience highly recommend this place
Rachel Lane


about 19 days ago
Very disappointed crew was very unprofessional, out of 25 people on boat 1 person caught a little fish. Crew was unwilling to help anyone. Crew was saying it was no loss to them they just wanted to go home! Would appreciate a full refund ! Will not recommend to no one.
Doyle Fairweather

Too rough

about 5 days ago
We went out in extremely windy and rainy weather. The waves were so bad it ended up making several people sick including me. We spent a long time going to the fishing spot and only got to down for less than 30 mins.
Joann Scott

Fishing trip

about 4 days ago
Went out on a 10 hr trip,3hr travel time out captain had us drop lines caught a few moved caught nice Red snapper mango snapper,grooper,deckhands where great help Colton and Matt fun to have around to help us take fish off ,couldn't ask for a better crew to have if fish didn't bite Captain moved us around well worth the price , recommend recommend 20% gratituity for deckhand they deserved it they also cleaned fish,gonna plan another trip
bryan w thompson

Great time

about 20 days ago
The captain and crew of the Gulf Breese are amazing. This was my first charter with them but it definitely will not be the last.
Steven Myers


about 22 days ago
My granddaughters, ages 7 and 10 had a great time. Father, grandfather and uncle also had a great time. The 10 year old caught a big Amberjack.
Annette Harmon

Nice Trip

about 24 days ago
The trip went well, Captain put us on fish and I was worn out. I will plan another trip soon. The Crew was attentive and professional. I will recommend you guys to others.
Arthur I Minton

Had a great time!

about 18 days ago
Great day on the water! The captain and all of the deck hands were excellent.
Jason Teel

Tropical Winds with Capt. Randy Hanshaw

about 22 days ago
We had an amazing time and the deck hands Jake and Shawn were amazing.
Tisney Swanson

Cancel if possible thunderstorm

about 4 days ago
I really think they should have let us reschedule because the weather looked bad and cloudy that morning. The water was starting to get choppy about an hour into our departure so some of us started getting sea sick. I noticed several kids were inside with there heads down for most of the tour. This wasn’t our first time, deep sea fishing so we are use to being on a boat, but this was pretty uncomfortable. I felt we went too far out. It was suppose to be 6 hour tour, but 4 hours was spent traveling to and from the pier. We only fished for maybe 2 hours those who were able to stand and catch their footing.
Jessica Franklin

Great Fishing

about 15 days ago
Awesome Trip- great CPT and Crew- tons of action
Richard Larson

Fun day fishing, very enjoyable

about 14 days ago
Professional fishing guides and captain, fishing was good, not great. But that’s how fishing is sometimes. Captain tried multiple spots for us to get fish, dolphins were hungry!! Deck hands worked there tails off to unhook fish and keep gear working and untangled. Very satisfied with the whole deal.
Ian Johnson


about 10 days ago
Really good morning! Our catch wasn’t that good but we did enjoy the weather and the trip.
Jose Cervantes
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