Dolphin Watch and Destin History Cruise

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The Hannah Marie runs Dolphin Cruises daily. Family owned and operated, this is an ideal way to enjoy a relaxing 1.5 hour narrated cruise watching dolphins play in their natural habitat. This boat features a glass bottom viewing area, snack bar, restrooms and an air conditioned and heated cabin.

Activity Highlights
→ 1.5 hour narrated cruise.
→ See dolphins and other marine wildlife.
→ Great for families with young children or infants.
→ Air conditioned cabin & bathrooms
→ Glass bottom viewing area and top deck observation

Please Note: You MUST book your tickets in advance to receive promotional rates.

Booking Details:

Once the tickets are booked online, please visit the Olin Marler Charters ticket booth at 102-B Harbor Blvd with a photo ID for verification. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled cruise time. It is highly recommended to confirm the cruise time at least 24 hours in advance.

Departure Details
Dolphin tours depart daily throughout the year other than Christmas day. Cruise times will vary during the year so please click the "Check Availability" button above for current departure times.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Public parking is available at 102 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541 for $5-10 per car (Special event parking prices may vary). As you pull off highway 98, head over the hill down to the Harbor. Customers may park on the hill or just over it.

● 1-1.5 hour tour

● Gratuities (optional)
● $5-10 Parking Per Car
● Food & Drinks (for purchase)

● Children under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
● The boat requires a minimum of 20 paying passengers to depart. If this is not met, a customer service rep will call to reschedule or cancel.
● Large parties over 15 are asked to make reservations at least 24 hours prior to departure.
● Glass bottles are not allowed on the boat.

Additional Information
● Customers are asked to bring a camera, suntan lotion, sun glasses and a small 6-pack cooler for food and beverages.
● Alcoholic beverages are allowed on the boat, but glass is prohibited.
● 98% success rate for finding dolphins on the cruise. In other words, it is rare to not see dolphins on this tour.
● The tour is wheelchair accessible however motorized chairs are too heavy to get over the ramp and onto the boat
● The tour boat has a maximum capacity of 97 passengers.
● Children under 4 are FREE, but need to be accounted for during booking.
● The boat will cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, Destin Harbor and the Choctawatchee Bay. The boat does not experience much movement, but those who are prone to motion sickness are asked to take dramamine or bonine for precaution.
● This boat is equipped with a restroom.
● If weather is unfavorable and the captain calls off the tour, another day will be scheduled or the customer may receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy
Customers may cancel at least 24 hours prior to their arrival date and time to receive a full refund minus a $5 service fee. Customers that cancel after the 24 hour period will not be eligible for a refund. If weather is unfavorable and the captain calls off the tour, the tour may be rescheduled for a later time/date or a full refund will be issued. No-shows will not be refunded. Customer may make changes to the reservation without any fees as long as it's outside the 24 hour cancellation period.
Check Availability/Book online

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  • Mathew Louisville, Kentucky, USA about 9 months ago

    Worst Experience Ever!

    Our family has been on dolphin cruises prior to this and by far this was the worst one we have ever been on. Parking to get to the boat was horrible. We left an hour before we needed to arrive. My 4 kids and myself made it to the boat but our husband was left behind due to parking. The staff on the boat was very rude to our family and even pushed me on the boat when I questioned about my husband trying to find a parking spot. I would highly recommend getting to this place 2 hours before leaving to find parking. The crew mentioned that they were trying to leave for 10 minutes which would be before our cruise time of 6pm. If you want to leave before the cruise time you should mention this in your nonspecific directions. My kids were sad and disappointed the entire cruise. I'll be back... read more

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 9 months ago

    Thank you for the feedback. After you booked with Tripshock you were texted and emailed a voucher which lists our address, phone number and directions to our booth. Parking in the harbor area can be frustrating during busy times like Spring Break which it is recommended by the booking agents and also listed on your voucher to be 30 minutes early for your cruise so you have plenty of time to park. ...

    Read more

    Thank you for the feedback. After you booked with Tripshock you were texted and emailed a voucher which lists our address, phone number and directions to our booth. Parking in the harbor area can be frustrating during busy times like Spring Break which it is recommended by the booking agents and also listed on your voucher to be 30 minutes early for your cruise so you have plenty of time to park. We are sorry your husband missed the cruise but our captain has to be respectful of the 80 other passengers on board that were on time for the cruise. The sunset only happens once a day and by delaying the cruise our other customers may miss what they paid for if the cruise leaves the dock late. Ten minutes before the cruise leaves the dock the crew will make sure everyone is on board, has a seat, knows where the bathrooms are, makes sure the aisle ways are clear, etc. This happens on every cruise and is normal for every dolphin cruise on the harbor. Our staff isn't allowed to engage in physical altercations so if you have the name of the staff member that pushed you, please contact our office. We have high standards of customer service that are set and take complaints regarding crew members very seriously. We will meet with boat crew and discuss your review and their job expectations. Thank you for taking the time to write this review and we hope you enjoyed the rest of your vacation.

  • cristina Batonrouge, Louisiana, USA about 2 years ago


    Was in a storm

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Ella Prunescu Duluph, Georgia, USA about 3 years ago

    not so good

    First thing first the cruise was advertised as a ,,glass bottom boat, , You should see a real one before put that in your ads. Second, the ocean was perfectly calm,no waves but, ,,the captain ,,thought would be fun to make the ship act like we were on a storm from time to time. A lady did throw up for the entire cruise. Now is fine,you took our money and we know next time we won't choose you.We ve been with the pirate boat, everything was perfect. is possible.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 3 years ago

    Ella, Thank you for the review and feedback. We are sorry that our cruise did not meet your expectations. We would like to mention that our captain never purposely drives the boat to make people sick. When you get into the East Pass, the current is strong and seas get rough at times. Also, our glass bottom is not heavily advertised and you don't see it in our title. There are no glass bottom boats in this area that have complete clear visibility. The currents in the East Pass make it nearly impossible to see much with all the boating traffic. However, if we are sitting on some dolphins then you can definitely see them swimming them under the vessel. Thanks again for your business.

  • Bryan Whitt Hutto, Texas, USA about 3 years ago

    We didn't like this company at all.

    I will never be using Tripshock again. We booked an 8:15pm Dolphin and history cruise for 7/2/2015. We went on the cruise and it was a fireworks cruise only. No one knew that it was going to be just for fireworks or we wouldn't have gone on it that day. We would have gone on it another day. On the confirmation email it said that this cruise had a 98% chance of an animal sighting and that if we didn't see any we could call and go again the next day. Well we didn't see anything because we were stopped to see fireworks. We called the next day and the manager was extremely rude and disrespectful towards us. She told me "did you really expect to see any animals at night" well yes, yes we did expect to see animals. They are wild animals! Plus, when we were talking to said manager she said that... read more

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 3 years ago

    Bryan, Thank you for the review. We are sorry to hear about your experience. However, the tripshock listing does state that the 8:15pm cruise is a fireworks cruise on Thursday nights. We put you on another cruise for free the next day as a good-will gesture. The manager should not have been rude and we will address the situation with her. Sorry again for any confusion.

  • Carolina Little Houston, Texas, USA about 3 years ago

    Not worth time or money

    I was disappointed with this Thursday night cruise. It took us an hour to get there. While there, no one told us where the boat was and how we should line up to board it. I was told we would see Dolphins even though it was a night cruise, but we didn't. The cruise was just a glorified boat ride around a circle. Also, no one told us that if we sat out in the front of the boat, we would have to run to the back of the boat to see the fireworks. There was no explanation when we stopped or anchored that the fireworks would start soon and so we should move to a better location to see. The fireworks started and since we could not see them it took us a while to figure out was going on before we moved to the back of the boat and had to fight and lean uncomfortably for a last minute view. I was very... read more

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 3 years ago

    Carolina, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the tour did not meet your expectations. The fireworks cruise is not a dolphin cruise. This tour is offered once per week on Thursdays to see the Destin Harbor firework displays and cruise the inter-coastal at night. We mention this on our tour listing that the cruise is a fireworks cruise, not a dolphin cruise. We are sorry for the confusion and we are happy to put you on a regular day cruise to see dolphins free of charge. Please contact us.

  • Dawn Holtz Antioch, Tennessee, USA about 3 years ago

    Did not make it in time

    Traffic was so bad we missed our boat. Very disappointing really wanted to see the dolphins.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 3 years ago

    Hello Dawn, I am sorry to hear that you missed your trip. Unfortunately in this area the traffic can get bad during the holidays and we suggest to leave with plenty of time to arrive at your destination. If you or someone in your party were to have called we would have seen if there was another time we could reschedule you to as we do try to be flexible. We appreciate your feedback and do hope that you try us again on your next trip to Destin

  • George Encinias Stockbridge, Georgia, USA about 4 years ago

    Horrible experience, booked in advance and was called two hours before tour to tell us the trip was cancelled. Rescheduled for following day, guess what?.. Cancelled again because a boat was broke. I will never go this route again, it was very disappointing and overall a very bad experience and left a bad taste in our mouth, won't have my business.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 4 years ago

    George, We are very sorry for the boat issues. This could have happened to any other tour service in Destin with the weather and maintenance issues. Please do not judge your experience based on something that is not under our control. We hope you will give us another chance in the future. Thanks again for booking with us.

  • Rishi Singh Houston, Texas, USA about 4 years ago

    not recommended

    We were a group of 20 adults and all were disappointed. not recommended at all. its better to rent a private boat.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Debra D Mueller Navarre, Florida, United States about 6 years ago

    Confirmation Number 02814

    We were very disappointed with our experience booking the dolphin cruise. We were supposed to go on the morning 9AM cruise on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Michelle called the day after we booked the cruise to say there was a glitch on the website and Saturday was booked all day for a private party. The only alternative was to go on the Sunset cruise Friday evening, June 1. We had no choice but to rearrange our busy schedule and take that option since family members were on vacation and visiting from out of town. We had a party of 10, including 3 small children, 6 years old, with their hearts set on seeing a dolphin. The water was very choppy and we did not see one dolphin on the trip. The kids were tired and it was windy and miserable. There was a nice sunset. All in all, what was... read more

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 6 years ago

    Hi Debra, Thank you for the feedback and I'm sorry the experience was disappointing. Unfortunately, someone booked the dolphin tour boat for a private charter and the 9am time slot was not removed from the website in a timely manner. One thing you did not mention is that the Olin Marler staff gave you the 9am price for the sunset cruise, which is almost half the cost of the regular sunset cruise price. It was your choice to accept the option for the sunset cruise and we offered a full refund if that didn't work. Although it's VERY rare we don't see dolphins, we can't guarantee since they are wild animals. We will be contacting you to invite you out on another dolphin cruise so that you may have another chance at seeing dolphins.

  • casey benson south coffeyville, Oklahoma, USA about 6 years ago

    the cruise time changed and we were not notified so we show up 2 hrs early. we had to walk around the harbor with three kids abd we all got sunburnt. when we were about to board we got our tickets and noticed that there were only reservations for four. when we told the cruise office they said the boat was full and i had to argue to get an extra ticket. it was an aweful stressful experience and next time i will call the cruise directly instead of using tripshock because they didnt get anything right!!!

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Management Response, about 6 years ago

    Hi Casey, Sorry to hear about your experience. Due to "Spring Forward", the time change occurred right during your trip and we were not informed until the day before that the cruise times were changing. We had over 500 guests cruise with us that day and we were busier than normal. A lot of our team members at the harbor are new so there is bound to be some mistakes. Your reservation was received from TripShock correctly so there is no reason to discount their service. We hope you would consider cruising with us again and we welcome your feedback. It is best to always confirm your trips at least 24 hours in advance so you have the right time upon arrival.

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