New Orleans, LA > Food Tours
07/12/2020 ~ 07/18/2020


about 1 year ago
Some of the venues were warm and welcoming while others did not even greet us. The turtle soup was cold. The red beans and rice delicious as was the woman who gave that presentation. She was very knowledgeable and amazing.
Larry G

Culinary tour

about 1 year ago
Naïf was knowledgeable, friendly and a delightful tour guide. Very enjoyable experience!
Andrea F

Food tour

about 1 year ago
Naif was wonderful! We really enjoyed our food tour with him, and learned so much about the city and its food. He get 12 stars.
Julie J

NOLA Food Tour

about 1 year ago
Tour was really great.
Gary W

Not nearly as good as expected

about 11 months ago
This review is difficult. I had high expectations based on the description of the tour. Nothing was met. I travel a lot and feel I am fair. I try and overlook small things and generally I am not negative. I CAN find the good in most everything. This tour, was 1% positive. To begin this company has a tour guide on staff that is particularly old - likely in her mid 80's. This is fine IF, she was able to walk faster and keep pace with the tour. She did not. She often had to sit and rest, and used the tour to 'drop off' books and run errands as she went. She was terribly nice, which is why it is difficult to write this because it isn't about HER as a person, it is a circumstance that a tour company should be hiring a guide that is energetic and can keep a steady pace so that the tour does not go past 3 hrs. It began at 1:30 and we were done at 5:30 - we were pained it was so strung out. She did not speak loud enough (not sure she can) and when one of the food locations was down for vacation a substitute food offering was not provided. That is not the guides fault but the company should have an alternative if a restaurant is not serving. I felt this was NOT a food tour - believe me, I did one in Rome and they know FOOD TOURS!. This was an extremely slow walk, with historical facts with multiple rest breaks around the french quarter - we were lucky to get small portions of food. We stopped at a Creole Shop for Red Beans and Rice and the store keeper who provided the food seemed far from enthusiastic. This was just a downer tour for sure - not fun, energetic or even exciting. It was a turtles pace, and boring. At our last stop, the guide sat down, told us to 'take our time' and explore for 'as long as we wanted' (she was pretty tired). While this guide is likely well known in the neighborhood, she should not be conducting tours at all. I would NOT recommend this tour company at all, if they think that hiring a guide like this is a good idea.
Steven C

Complete waste of money!

about 1 year ago
This was the worst food tour I’ve ever gone on and I had such high hopes since it’s in NOLA. 1. It was clear the tour guide was under some type of influence. Someone from our group overheard her tell a gentleman at the first restaurant that she was “high” and she had pretty erratic behavior throughout the tour. Stumbling over her words and mysteriously “swallowing a fly.” 2. The food was subpar and the turtle soup was awful. There was no preparation up front to accommodate substitutions, super disappointing. 3. The history given omitted the contributions of Black people so much that the only mention of black people was in reference to the slave quarters we passed along the way. SERIOUSLY?! I served as a food tour guide for 2 years and I cringed at how terrible the tour was. I do NOT recommend at all. I would actually like to have my money back.
Candace S

Terrible tour

about 1 year ago
This tour was absolutely awful. The tour guide was terrible appeared to be under the influence. The food was even worse. The highlight was the lady who went through the history of food there on the 2nd stop and the gumbo was ok but all the other food was awful as if the places were chosen more for history than taste.
Jasmine D

French Quarter Tasting

about 1 year ago
This was a horrible experience. The food was not good at all! I've been to New Orleans plenty of times and I have never had a food experience like the one on this tour. I would not recommend this tour in the future to anyone.
Chapin P

Not worth the $

about 1 year ago
MAry is a sweet lady but at 86 she is not up to leading a walking tour Stops were ok
jayne k

Miss Mary ROCKS

about 1 year ago
Miss Mary was an excellent tour guide. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with her. The kids are still talking about Miss Mary and all the delicious food experiences we had with her. Definitely worth the money.
Teodora R