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12/13/2019 ~ 12/19/2019
Rain Forrest Experience
about 6 months ago
Sooo much fun So challenging Such a thrill It was an very exciting adrenaline rushing experience. We were so high in the trees it was amazing. & Mother Nature decided to give us a show with a pop up rain cloud so it was like adding sprinkles and two cherries to the top of our “sundae” Sunday afternoon. I do recommend bringing water of your choice ( they do supply water but I only drink spring water) and most importantly bring some OFF... those bug ate my legs up like a honeybun lol...& wear a sweat band to keep the sweat out your eyes!! But everything else was perfect... the storm got too close so we had to end early but they did give us a raincheck lol to come back and finish so I’m excited to head back Thanks for the challenge
Tamikka C
about 8 months ago
My daughters enjoyed themselves! We will definitely be back! The staff and our tour guides had great personality!
Laporshe G
Made a great birthday gift
about 2 years ago
Made a great birthday gift for my wife and she really enjoyed it! Thinking about going with her next time we're in town with my son.
Soooo fun
about 2 years ago
Oh my gosh, true to the description. Pretty darn scary being way up there but what a rush. Good workout while on vacation. Beautiful scenery. Will come back next time for sure!
about 4 months ago
Amanda W
about 5 months ago
Holly A
Never again
about 5 months ago
Alex, our guide, didn’t help us at all. We didn’t get gloves and/or helmets. Even though, we were supposed to get them.
Jasmine D
about 6 months ago
Mitchell M
about 7 months ago
Kamesha H