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Fantastic experiece

about 3 months ago
Great staff and captain. Met the needs of all when it came to drinks and taking us to the dolphin areas. Loved every minute of it.
Sheryl Campbell

Very blah!

about 1 year ago
The dolphin cruise wasn't what I expected. Very few dolphins. Almost boring.
charles parsons

A Great Experience

about 5 months ago
Our last night was a success. Although, the clouds hid the sunset, the color of the sky was incredible and breathtaking. Our crew was informative and gave us great hospitality.
Ruth Yvonne Garcia

Worth the money!!

about 2 months ago
Great sunset cruise! Saw dolphins, beautiful real estate and met some wonderful people on the cruise. The free drinks rate two thumbs up!!
Cathy Collins

Boat Ride

about 5 months ago
My family and I enjoyed the boat ride. Every one was nice and the experience was very interesting. Only issue was the guest with the girls trip was a bit much due to it being a family oriented type of event
Annitha Patterson


about 6 months ago
The guys knew what they were doing and made our experience unforgettable. Thank you!!!
Mary Kearney

Wonderful Cruise

about 8 months ago
Great experience and great customer service. The captain and crew were amazing!
Sara Prem

Great cruise

about 1 year ago
It was a good cruise and the sunset was beautiful.
Sunshine Ennals

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

about 6 months ago
Perfect! Nice friendly staff and the scenery and sunset view was amazing. I wanted to pay for another lap around it was absolutely beautiful. I would most definitely do it again.
Patricia Delaney

Not a Harbor Cruise

about 7 months ago
You will see Dolphins, you will see a sunset. It is not a cruise of the harbor, more like drive to the mouth of the inlet and bob up and down in the same spot for over 45 min looking for dolphins to come by. Several obnoxious guests aboard made quite a spectacle as if they were the only ones on board. One and done!
Scott Rosen

Could have been better

about 5 months ago
Unfortunately we had a group of women take over the cruise and play inappropriately music and dance all over the boat while drinking. Very uncomfortable for the children. And guests. It could have been a better experience if the inconsiderate individuals did not take over the cruise. I felt bad for the captain and his aid, I hope they got a tip.
Elizabeth Walker


about 1 year ago
Excellent trip and crew! We will do it again!
Deanna Neisess

Peaceful. Beautiful scenery

about 7 months ago
Great experience with family. Quality conversation. Peaceful moments and beautiful sunset.
kelvin ford

Excellent cruise!

about 1 year ago
The staff was very outgoing and informative. They definitely made it worth while!
Kalli Yarbro

Seaquest sunset dolphin cruise

about 3 months ago
It was a smooth and easy ride, we only saw 1 dolphin.Beautiful sunset though.
Sha Hill

Sunset Cruise

about 1 year ago
We had a great time. We do wish the ride would have gone a bit further than the harbor and Crab Island, but we did enjoy the ride and the crew.
Daniel Eshleman

Awesome sunset cruise with my son

about 1 year ago
My son and I had a wonderful time on the sunset cruise. Smooth sailing, lots of laughter and good times! Thanks Tailspin for AN AWESOME TIME sailing the waters of the Destin Harbor
Michelle Fox

Sunset cruise

about 1 year ago
The cruise/scenery was great. However, there was a group of 5-6 young ladies who sang VERY loudly and requested songs for most of the ride. It was obnoxious and the rest of us, 4 couples and a family of 3, had to endure it. The only way we could get it to stop was to make a request. My suggestion is: read your audience. Play some songs that are “beachy” or more globally popular and then play a request from each group of riders. We gave a smaller tip due to how you handled the music.
Joyce Dachauer

Fun never stopped

about 1 year ago
The sunset cruise was fun and the captain provided us with lots of details about the area. Due to recent weather in the area, the sunset wasn't well seen. Good music and vibes, would definitely recommend this cruise!!
Victoria Davis

Great experience. Awesome crew!

about 1 year ago
The cruise was relaxing. Drinks were provided (beer, champagne, soft drinks) snacks were not provided, so I recommend bringing a few snacks if you are hungry. The crew was hilarious. It rained super hard like 1hour into our trip, but they made it enjoyable although we were all soaking wet. Would definitely recommend this cruise!
Tovares Chandler

Sunset cruise missed the sunset

about 1 year ago
Staff was friendly, but missed the sunset. Departure was not on time.
Laura Guerrero

Good experience

about 5 months ago
Dolphins were scarce but the ride was enjoyable and Sunset was good.
Juan Centeno

No fun

about 1 year ago
Could not see sunset not the cruises fault but what was their fault is they just sort of ambled along it was really boring. Then the rain hit and they told us they knew it was gonna do that! It rained so hard it was horrible and they Knew? Shame on them…feel like they stole my money…when I emailed the company they sent me a disclaimer telling me that they can do that pretty much if it rains. The no sunset no dolphin no firework cruise should have been cancelled and refunded…
Johanna Parker

Wonderful experience

about 1 year ago
Lovely sunset cruise with family. Crew was awesome and fun. A great way to see the harbor and spend the evening. Thank you.
June Hanson

Sunset cruise

about 7 months ago
Loved everything about the dolphin and sunset cruise. The team found dolphins and kept cruising to get closer to them and pointing them out. Crew was kind and friendly. Would definitely recommend this and do it again
Patricia Wilson
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