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07/08/2020 ~ 07/14/2020

Great family outing

about 2 years ago
Wonderworks was awesome. Our four children age 6-15 all loved it.

Customer service

about 2 years ago
Gave it a 4 because at the end of our trip, made a stop at the gift shop where our girls wanted to purchase souvenirs. Counter had a note saying to purchase items at box office. Stood in line for 35 minutes trying to purchase over priced souvenirs, gentleman ahead of me wasn't happy either spoke to manger who's answer was not enough customers to warrant a second person then walked off. Rude.

Super fun break from the sun!

about 2 years ago
We took our three boys ages 15, 12, and 11 along with grandparents to WonderWorks for the day to get a break from the sun. Everyone of all ages had a great time and we ended up spending much more time there than we had expected. The only slight downfall was the excessive noise which made it difficult to talk to each other or not get headache, especially in the first room with the lightning machine.

Lots of fun

about 2 years ago
Great family activity for all ages.
Amy C


about 2 years ago
Kids had a great time!
Brad G

Grandkids had a blast

about 2 years ago
This is one of the best values for the money. It was a rainy day and I paid $22 for each of my grandchildren. We were in WonderWorks for 5 hours and were having fun the entire time. I had 4 kids ages 8 to 12 and they had a blast. I think it is best for kids 7 and up but younger kids could find a few things to entertain themselves with. Most of the rides require you to be 48 inches tall and most 3 to 5 year olds aren't that tall. I highly recommend WonderWorks. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Wonder Works Visit

about 2 years ago
My family and I really enjoyed ourselves. All of the activities were great and fun. We learned a lot!!!

Love it!

about 2 years ago
We had such a great time. We had ages 17-1 1/2 and there was something for all. We spent several hours playing inside. I was surprised how much there was to do inside! We would recommend it to others!

Wonderworks PC

about 2 years ago
Fantastic day, great value, first class operation


about 2 years ago
Great cust service
WIlliam C