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02/14/2019 ~ 02/20/2019

Gulf Shores-Orange Beach Hot Air Balloon Rides

Gulf View Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Duration1 Hr.
Hot air ballooning over the Gulf Shores - Orange Beach, Alabama area is a wonderful outdoor recreational activity that...
We were well pleased with our ballooning experience. The wind was rather questionable during our stay at the beach, and I was concerned the flight wouldn't happen. Tommy (the pilot) and I spoke on the phone every day about the weather and what might happen. I thought he might push for the flight to happen, no matter the wind, so he could get his money. However, we had to push it back day by day for a few days until the wind was just right. He knew that he risked losing money, but he also wanted us to have the best experience we could. I have a lot of respect for those who aren't pushy for their own personal gain. Anyway, we were finally able to go up on our last night of the trip. (I scheduled it earlier in the vacation so we would have back up days if need be.) Tommy and Victor are great guys and made us feel comfortable the whole time. During the flight, Tommy is willing to talk to you about what you're seeing, or remain quiet if you want to enjoy the ride in silence. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!!
After having had the experience you offered, I have had time to reflect on it. You were correct in having my wife not surprise me with the experience, a trade to allow me to look forward to it ahead of time. Good call. I am, much to my continued surprise actually more excited afterwards after having the experience. Sue and I found it (your excursion) to be the focal point of much of our conversations over the next several days. I very much appreciate the thought you put into our trip such as lowering us near the tree tops to fully appreciate the feel of flying, same with the farmer’s field. As an aside, as an engineer I really appreciate how you masterfully kept the altitude in tight bounds when across the field, especially when one understands the latency between control and reaction. Out of all the excellent things that occurred that day, we really appreciate the time you took for us after the flight and the humble ceremony. These days that kind of attention to detail seems to be found less frequently
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for helping make me and my wife's first wedding anniversary very special. By agreeing to fly us on your day off without having ever even met us proves that there are still kind and decent people in this world of ever growing bitterness and selfishness. You and your crew were both extremely professional and charming and made the entire experience enjoyable from the very beginning to the very end. I have and will continue to tell all my friends and associates what a joy the excursion was and highly recommend your business and services. The ceremony at the end of the day was quiet interesting and entertaining to say the least. I have to say I never saw that one coming. My wife was trying to remember as much of the history of ballooning story you recited to us as possible. I'm afraid we can't recall it in its entirety as you related it. IF you happen to have it written down or can email it to us so we can put it in our anniversary album we would both be very appreciative.
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