Destin's Newest Kid Friendly Attraction, Barefoot Pirates' Boat Cruise!

A new kind of kid friendly boat cruise has docked at the Destin Harbor this Spring! Barefoot Pirates' Treasure Quest is THE premier Boat Cruise in the Destin Harbor, offering a a thrilling adventure for kids of all ages. Hop aboard the pride of Destin's Heron Harbor, the "Barefoot Bounty", and prepare for an interactive tour that will leave guests longing for the "pirate's life". This family fun activity is new, affordable, and exciting from stern to bow!

Preparing for Treasure Quest

Transform into a Real Life Pirate!

pirate tour destin harbor
Become a Real Pirate in Destin, FL
No, we don't mean looting, pillaging, and gulping down flagons of grog. On the Barefoot Pirates' Treasure Quest, children are transformed into REAL pirates; eye patches, bandanas, swords, and all! Arrive 30 minutes early for the opportunity to dress up like your favorite buccaneer. Barefoot Pirates provides all the fixins ya need, including free face paint, free pirate tattoos, and pirate accessories that would make ole' Blackbeard hoist the sails on the Queen Anne's Revenge in search of your stylist. Once the sabres are sharpened, and beards are finely drawn onto the faces, it'll be time to board the infamous Destin pirate ship known as the "Barefoot Bounty".

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A Pirate's Life For You!

destin kid friendly boat ride
"FIRE CANNONS!" from the Pirate Ship
The Harbor offers lots of fun things to do in Destin, but on Barefoot Pirates' Treasure Quest you'll leave the comfort of Destin's Harborwalk Village, and join the ranks of a swashbuckling pirate crew! Kids will love singing along to famous pirate chanteys, hearing thrilling tales on the high seas, and joining in the hunt for the one thing always on a true pirate's mind; TREASURE! Captain Bones, Captain of the Barefoot Bounty, has a treasure map that leads straight to a pirate's booty, but Billy the Squid has his own plans for the hidden chest. Tussle with the no-good Billy the Squid, and commandeer the treasure chest keys before he reaches the "X" on the map. Multiple water cannons are fixed on the vessel, allowing the miniature marauders a chance to sink Billy's boat before the riches are gone forever! Once Billy has been defeated, and the treasure keys are back in the hands of trustworthy Captain Bones, hoist up the chest from the ocean deep, and find ye' a grand bounty, with enough loot to go around!

Destin Pirate Boat Cruise Highlights:

Dress up like a real life pirate
Kids receive free face painting and temporary tattoos
Sing and dance to family friendly pirate music

Participate in an interactive treasure hunt
Learn about the Pirate way of Life
See dolphins, sea birds, and more Destin Harbor sights
Discover a secret message in a bottle
*Take home souvenirs for every child

Pirate Tour Details

This brand new boat tour in the Destin Harbor will begin departing in May 2015. There will be 5 departures daily, starting at 9am, then proceeding through the day at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, with the last trip departing at 5pm. Free parking is available at the Heron Harbor Ticket Booth located at 314 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541. It is urged to arrive 45 minutes prior to departure for check-in, with pirate dress up begining 30 minutes before departure time, and the pirate boat ride lasting approx. 60 minutes. It is suggested to book tickets in advance, as tours are expected to fill up quickly in the Summer months. Make sure to bring along sunscreen, cameras, and ye' best pirate arrrggghhhh!! For more information or to purchase tickets to Barefoot Pirates' Treasure Quest, visit Destin Pirate Cruises on

Published Apr 11 2015
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