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TripShock! is an activity and service booking engine for destinations in the Southeast USA. TripShock! partners up with various travel providers and sells their services through a network of local and regional affiliates. The company accepts most qualified businesses that are committed to excellent service and quality.

How does the program work?

When a business is accepted into the program, their products are offered online for booking. Users that are browsing may book these items online or by calling TripShock! direct. When the user completes their purchase, the business is notified of the booking and fulfills the orders. After the guest completes the activity, the business will be paid the following month minus the commission (flexible payment options are available).

How much does it cost to join?

It's free to join and there are no monthly or yearly fixed costs. The only charge is a small commission when a booking is realized. Commissions vary by region and activity category.

How does TripShock! advertise?

TripShock! will advertise through local and regional affiliates, search engines, and online articles. TripShock! currently receives more than 2 million unique visitors annually. Some of our top distribution partners include...

Why do travelers book with TripShock!?

Travelers choose TripShock! because of its easy booking platform and personalized vacation planning. The TripShock! team is all local to the Gulf Coast and has a knack for finding the best excursions in the area. All user reviews on TripShock! are verified (This means the guest actually has to participate in an activity to leave a review).

Will I be required to offer deep discounts?

No, TripShock! is not a daily deal site and discounts are not required to be listed. We do however ask that any direct published rates match what is offered on TripShock!.

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