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Reviews of 4 Hour Beginner Deep Sea Fishing

Bae-Cation with my 7 year old grandson
This is truly a 5-star excursion, my grandson enjoyed every minute of it. From the boat ride to the fishing spots (3 spots) to catching the different types of fish. The crew worked well with everyone, gave us great instructions and everyone on the ship caught a fish. . Can’t forget all of the dolphins we seen. This was a perfect addition to our BAE-CATION during spring break.
Debra B.
about 2 months ago
It was a lot of fun. Some cought fish others didn't. We had to move to 3 different spots to even get any bites but that's ok, I know it's not guaranteed to catch something. The boat ride was fun, definitely if you're not used to riding on a boat it's a trick to learn to walk and keep your balance
about 1 day ago
Just book it! It was amazing!
I booked this experience with my 9.5 year old son in mind. My 7 year old daughter and I joined him. All 3 of us had an incredible time! Jack and Payton were absolutely wonderful hosts and helped us through every step of the way. The fish we caught were then filleted right at the dock and given to us to bring to a local restaurant to be cooked for us. It was delicious! This whole experience was a family core memory!
Jill H.
about 2 months ago
Great fishing experience
Easy check in at the dock. The crew was very helpful and explained everything and answered any questions. Set up all the rods and bait and away we went. We caught a lot of fish and had a great time.
Allan C.
about 12 months ago
Fishing trip
The trip was not enjoyable they took us out on terrible water conditions.. the boat was bouncing all over the place. Was unable to fish good due to bouncing and trying to keep your balance. I’ve been out on many fishing boats but this was the worse conditions ever. They should have canceled the trip. Bright spots the crew was nice and friendly. Also saw dolphins that was pretty cool. Overall the water conditions was the down fall and the crew tried their best.
Randy S.
about 2 months ago


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