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01/20/2020 ~ 01/26/2020
march tour
about 2 years ago
purchasing tickets through trip shock was a great experience. very easy to purchase and contact. The witches brew tour was horrible. our guide talked more about himself. we wanted some history along with the tour.
susan j
about 2 months ago
Great guide and learned the history. Walking wasn't too much and stopped for drinks. A great night
Hannah R
Great fun tour
about 3 months ago
Ms. G had great energy and told the history well. Very much enjoyed our tour and would definitely recommend it.
Renee I
Cemetery tour with Milton
about 3 months ago
Milton was a great tour guide! High recommend him, he’s very knowledgeable about the area and the history!
Brialy C
Well worth it!
about 3 months ago
Excellent tour! There's a break halfway through. Robby Rob is a great tour dude! Wear comfortable shoes. A lot of walking!
Christine S
about 3 days ago
Kelly W
about 4 days ago
Lauren L
about 7 days ago
Madelin P
about 13 days ago
wayne d
about 20 days ago
Ramley P
about 2 months ago
Gerard S