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8hr 22 person Pontoon rental

about 1 year ago
Great service & no problems with rental!! Would highly recommend!!
Peg Ponto

Pontoon Rental

about 1 year ago
Everything went smoothly. Was very easy to work with. Would definitely use them again to rent a boat.
Bryan Jennings

Great Experience

about 2 months ago
Gabriel was fantastic. Helped load and unload the boat. Only thing preventing 5 stars is you have to park across the street!
Chad Martin

Pontoon rental

about 4 months ago
Very good experience. Attendant was great, unit was clean, would definitely rent from them again
Jay Will

Janky boats and bad attitudes

about 3 months ago
We showed up and the boat had warped seats, front door falling off and the crew was quite rude. We did not even leave the dock with the boat. Plenty of other rental spots avoid funday at all costs.
Jeremiah Puckett

Boat trip

about 1 year ago
Great times! Very helpful and easy to get to crab island!!
Jonathan Holbrook

Beware of Pontoon Rental

about 11 months ago
We booked an 8 hour day on a 12 person pontoon boat. Our experience started off with an employee yelling at us for the way we parked in the parking lot and we needed to move our vehicles in the lines that were only visible to her, then she came out and started painting lines. There were also rusted exposed nails in boards all over the parking lot. Then we were the first people there to board our boat and we got a rusty, 1980's looking boat that had tears in all the cushions, the play pen was smaller than expected, the boat was only rated for 11 people not 12 like was mentioned in agreement, the boat was way underpowered, motor struggled to push boat and boat never got on plane. The pontoons were riding in the water not above water and there were rusted holes that had been patched on he pontoons and they were probably taking on water which is why they were werent riding correctly. The back side rail wasnt attached the boat and one of my children almost fell out the boat. The steps/ladder to get back into the boat from the water were not safe or secure either. I do not recommend this company to rent a boat from and I will not use this company in the future. I am positive this boat would not have passed a coast guard compliance test. we cut our trip short from 8 hours to 3.5 hours because we felt so unsafe on it. It would have been sooner had it not taken forever to ride back from crab island, which is where we had planned to spend the day.
Gordon Madere


about 1 year ago
They were nice and helpful. Friendly The check in and out was easy
Michael Quinn


about 1 year ago
Ladder was hard to climb for the older folks, think it was broke. Layed to close to the boat. Seat loose at driver's wheel
Randy Weaver

Amazing experience!

about 18 days ago
Great service. The guys in charge were super attentive and very accomodating. I am so happy we did this and that we loved it so much that we wanna do it again.
Cristina Orellana

Amazing experience

about 1 year ago
We had a great experience with funday! Will definitely recommend and book with them again when we come back!
Jenifer Juarez


about 1 year ago
Had a great time and would rent again. The process was so easy and we had an incredible time out on the water. Highly recommend!
Juan Bahena


about 1 year ago
Was not aware only 2 vehicles could park in lot. That was my only complaint! The boat was clean and ready. The staff was awesome. We had an awesome day! Will return next year!
Melissa Laurent

pleasant services

about 1 month ago
they had good customer service no issues. our family had an awesome time. will rent again!
Sergio Canchola

8 hour rental Funday

about 1 year ago
It was such an easy process and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Directions were very clear and they were informative if there was something you didn’t know about the boat. We had a blast and will definitely book with Funday again in the future.
Raychal Enkey

Rude! Don't rent from Funday Watersports!!

about 4 days ago
AWEFULL SERVICE! When we pulled up, I asked if the 2 men sitting there could help me with a pontoon rental. They looked at the guy in the next booth and said to him that I was probably a customer of his. That guy said, no all his boats have already been claimed. So they turned to me and asked for my name and surely enough I was at the right place. Then they told us we had to park our car across the street in the government parking lot. I told them the ad said there was on-site parking. They told me to look around at the million dollar boats, which was the reason cars had to be parked off site. They acted as though I didn't know the value of the boats. Once our car was parked, they told us to get on the boat. There was no help offered to get the kids or bags onto the boat. Then one of the two guys who got on the boat with us to go over boat guidelines asked if we had any experience driving boats which we told him yes, we've owned one for many years. He continue to ask, but really, how much experience do you actually have driving one? We told him we've been driving boats, including pontoons for 15 years. He then moved the boat into the open area as though we couldn't have done it ourselves. He went over how to operate the boat and rules multiple times. Then he told us multiple times that we had to be back before 5, actually 4:30 to be safe. He also told us to call him on our way back to give him a heads up we were on our way. In the 15 years we've been to Crab Island and rented from other companies, we've never been treated this way; never been talked to as though were idiots! We are a group of 40-65 year olds and 2 kids so it's not like we're a bunch of irresponsible teenagers. On our way back, we called him to let him know. I thought he wanted a heads up so he could come out and drive the boat in or help us off. Nope! We waited out where he left us in the morning for 5 minutes and then decided to park it ourselves. He was nowhere in sight! Then the guy from the company next door ran over and help tie up the boat. Once we were parked and helped ourselves off, the guy shows up making small talk for a tip of course. My husband really wanted to tip him to avoid the awkwardness but I was against it as he was very demeaning and spoke down to us as though we didn't know what we were doing and only came by once we were done. He didn't help us on or off, but spent extra time telling us how to operate the boat and how we had to be back at exactly 5 or there would be an extra charge, both of which we already knew. There are so many good rental companies in this area. If you are looking for friendly service- Don't rent from Funday Watersports located at Marker 21 Marina: 36 Miracle Strip Parkway Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548.
Vi Nguyen

Nice guy but sketchy boat & no help

about 1 month ago
Most of the other places we have rented pontoons from have a crew of people to help load and unload the boat. This place had one guy. And we've never rented a boat with holes in the sides and rips in the seats or a damaged ladder, like this boat had. Not all of the radio speakers were working. The rental info said a cooler of ice would be provided but we did not get that. The parking was across the street. I thought we were renting again from the last place we rented from but it was not.
Tiffany Audette

Great Experience

about 1 year ago
We booked a boat rental through trip shock. The best part about this is that I ended up needing to change the day of the booking and was able to do so with no penalties. Boat and experience were both great. Will use again if we are in Florida again.
April Arredondo


about 2 months ago
Enjoyed every minute of it! The pontoon was at its best condition no issues. Will go back to this company again.
Ceasar Abrenica

Boat rental

about 1 year ago
Had a great time
Doris Pearson

Great start in Destin

about 2 months ago
We had a great day. Spent a couple hours at Crab Island. We cruised the bay and saw lots of dolphins including a pod of five and a momma and her baby. We went to a little sandy island and found hermit crabs and other fish. Great way to start our vacation
Martin McAvoy

Great trip

about 1 year ago
Great trip and easy way to book an condo. Everything was handled with easy. Great Great great.
Kris Allen

Did the Job

about 1 year ago
Affordable,kind of hectic figuring out which boat and who was gonna help us as there were several companies in one location, but once we got on; it was clean, full tank, radio, cooler and they helped get us loaded and pointed in the right direction. We called a few mins in advance and they were waiting fot us at the dock when we returned. Overall great experience.
Darlene Glover

Fun in the sun

about 11 months ago
Boat was in great shape We had a boat. See you next year We highly recommend this company for your boat rentals
Kevin Fields

Pontoon rental

about 1 month ago
The check in process went fine. The drawback is they rent space from the marina so there’s no parking on site. You can unload and load in the lot but have to park across Rt 98. The pontoon itself was in rough condition. However the motor was new, which is important, and the Bluetooth worked great. The day we were there it appeared only two ppl were working so perhaps a little hectic but they handled it well. We were given basic boating instructions, where everything was located on the boat, and important tips on where No Wake Zones were. Overall it was a pleasurable experience.
Patti Skinner
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