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Reviews of Afternoon Sail from Hilton Head Island

Great experience
What a wonderful and amazing experience. Had a great time.
James H.
about 10 months ago
Stars and Stripes
Overall a great afternoon and a wonderful crew. A bit disappointed in the actual sail, after reviewing it in advertisement on web.
Kathryn M.
about 3 years ago
Nice crew boat was fine. Really boring in terms of the actual time on water we went back and forth pass the lighthouse multiple times. Felt like we were just waiting for the 90 minutes to pass. I could not honestly recommend this outing.
christopher t.
about 3 years ago
Sailing Trip
Exciting and wonderful time sailing.
David W.
about 2 years ago
What is a review title?
There were no seats on the boat and nowhere to rest your back except on the wirery straps at the back of the boat. At least half of us were in our 70s and were.quite uncomfortable we recently sailed in Annapolis on a boat with seats and a free cocktail!
Thomas M.
about 8 months ago
Great family outing
Enjoyed our time
Dennis B.
about 11 months ago
Capt. Capt. Chuck and crew was outstanding. Looking forward to future trips.
Carol M.
about 2 years ago
The dolphins that escorted us out of the dock were a great bonus! The sail was amazing, Captains were entertaining, sunset made the night, and the view of the lighthouse at night was beautiful! I will definitely do it again next time I go.
Tricia L.
about 3 years ago
Stars and Stripes
This was a fun sail on a famous boat! This is an experience for people who enjoy sailing, you even have the opportunity to participate. The knowledgeable staff instruct passengers so they can take part in sailing the boat. We even saw a few dolphins up close. Highly recommend this trip.
Elizabeth S.
about 2 years ago


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