New Orleans, LA > Bayou & Swamp Tours
11/19/2019 ~ 11/25/2019
about 4 months ago
Jennifer D
Birthday Trip
about 8 days ago
I was here to celebrate my birthday and I can say I had a blast.. it wasn't many Gators out because of course the seasons change but I did see some... I would definitely do it again
Monica D
about 11 days ago
Very fun and would recommend this to anyone
Shanna J
NOLA swamp tour
about 14 days ago
This tour was awesome!! I highly recommend it! if your in New Orleans you have to go on a swamp tour and see what the bayou is all about.
Matt M
air boat adventure
about 1 month ago
awesome time, rent a small boat better experience.
Tom W
about 15 days ago
Jessica H
Just OK - parts disappointing
about 1 month ago
Advertising stated “fully narrated tour.” Far from that our guide only made a few comments about the age of certain gators when we stopped to feed them. We had been on an airboat tour in Florida which was much more informative. I realize no one can talk when the boat is going fast but information could be told when the boat was stopped. In Florida the guide told us about how the airboat runs, facts about the swamp environment, and conservation efforts. My daughter and her fiancée who were with us were first time riders. I was disappointed that they didn’t hear any of that on this “fully narrated tour!”. Poor advertising - very misleading.
David B
Good but short
about 1 month ago
we did enjoy the experience even if we didn’t see a lot of alligators. But we were really desapointed about the duration of the tour. It’s started 15 minutes late and came back way too early at the deck. So, instead of being a 1.75-2h tour, we only had 1.25h. Hate the feeling of being fooled.
Cynthia P
about 1 month ago
Timothy O
about 1 month ago
Michael W
about 2 months ago
This adventure was awesome. Didn’t expect to see any gators because of the heat. Was surprised to learn the differences between Florida gators and Louisiana gators. Very informative and beautiful.
Sharon H