New Orleans, LA > Airboat Tours
01/25/2020 ~ 01/31/2020
Swamp tour
about 3 months ago
still a fun trip, but was too cold to really see any gators. This was not the tour guides problem, he was really quite nice. Unfortunately, for us this was the only day that fit for us. This was the second time I have done this. The first time probably saw 100 gators cause it was warmer. Still a nice ride and nice to get out of New Orleans for a bit. Would recommend to friends and hope they got a warm day.
Erin A
Awesome experience
about 5 months ago
Ernie was our tour fella and we couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable one. We learned a lot and have a better understanding of alligators and the swamp. Very well worth the money spent. It was a highlight of our New Orleans trip.
Julia B
Super fun Airboat tour!
about 6 months ago
My wife, daughters 10 and 15, and I loved our experience!! So much fun. We got a little wet from going so quickly and turning and we loved it!! So cool to touch the alligators and check out the swamps!
John M
The Best
about 7 months ago
This tour (small airboat) was an awesome experience. We had so much fun and also learned a lot. It is definitely worth the money. I highly recommend to anyone visiting the area and for those who live here. Also recommend bringing a towel
Katharina B
about 21 days ago
Scott C
Airboat tour
about 3 months ago
Our boat was bigger then six people...we only saw one alligator and our guide talked more about his personal life then the bayou. But it was still pretty but I’d pick a different tour company next time
Holly W
about 3 months ago
about 7 months ago
Roy M
Swamp tour
about 8 months ago
Didn’t have any idea what we were going to see. It was exciting to see an alligator in it’s own environment! But what really blew me away was the beauty of the “swamp”
Charleen P
about 8 months ago
My daughter and I loved the swamp tour! Nice people, great experience. Worth every penny!
TC Benson