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Great excursion

about 1 year ago
These guys were great. Battled some rough current to get us in position and made my son's first snorkeling trip a day he won't forget!
Kristopher Abeln


about 1 year ago
The guides were great; helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and safe. We had lots of fun this morning. The only disappointment was because of the heavy surf (yellow flag warning) marred the visibility and made it difficult to paddle out and back in. Also, the reef was smaller than I expected and didn't have as much wildlife as I hoped for.
James Camarillo

Just waiting on pics

about 1 year ago
We had a really good time and the guides were super nice to my kids. Just waiting on the pictures that were taken to be emailed to me as promised. We’d love to see them :)
Rebecca Motes

Good crew

about 3 months ago
Captain Jack and the guides were great but over booked by 10 people. Made getting out long and tough.
Brian Begley

So much fun!

about 18 days ago
Our snorkeling adventure was so incredibly fun! Our guides were knowledgeable and fun to be with. Would definitely recommend and love to do again next year!
Tammie Fleming

Fun Family Adventure

about 4 months ago
I took my 8 year old son for his first snorkeling experience, it was beginner- friendly and he is definitely a water sport fan as a result! We had awesome, helpful and knowledgeable guides that put us at ease from the beginning. I would definitely go back again, and recommend for anyone looking for a water adventure!
Jessica Roberts

Great experience

about 1 year ago
My kids loved it!! Guides did a great job. Would definitely recommend.
Tffany Featherstone

Bad experience

about 3 months ago
First of all, these boys appeared very inexperienced. They didn't have enough equipment for all the "reserved" customers! So we had to wait, not 10 minutes, but 30, for one of them to drive and retrieve the equipment!! Which was very disappointing after arriving 20 mins early as "requested " by the company rules. These boys talked about all the sea life we would see and we barely saw anything! After the trip, when returning back to shore I asked for some water and was told NO,they didn't have any!! The website clearly stated that water would be offered!! We were prepared to dish out a 20% tip!! But in this case, it was not deserved!!
Cheryl Cutter

Water was too choppy

about 3 months ago
The water was to rough for snorkeling. You need calmer waters and clear waters to see anything. We didn’t see many fish at all and people were getting sick out on the water. The crew was very kind and did their best, but they should not have recommended we go out at all. I didn’t ask for my money back because the crew worked hard to do what they could. We should have never gone out there.
Cindy Davis

Excellent Tour

about 2 months ago
Max and Danielle were awesome!!! Knowledgeable and patient.
Kevin Carr

Great Fun

about 1 year ago
Staff was very attentive and we had a great time! We were disappointed in our sightings but all in all we had an awesome time. We would do it again!
Cheryl Rider

Saturday 9am

about 2 months ago
Max and Danielle were great guides. They made us all feel at ease. They were very informative and made the trip a pleasure. We highly recommend it!
Suzanne Mills

Staff was amazing!

about 6 months ago
Our guides were amazing and were really great with our group. We didn’t see many fish yet they made it very enjoyable.
Kristie Van Abel
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