New Orleans, LA > Bayou & Swamp Tours
05/28/2020 ~ 06/03/2020

Great Guide! Very interactive with guests!

about 7 months ago
Despite down pours of heavy rain, our guide was great. We did see one gator and some wild life. The small gator on the boat was a special treat for my 6 year old who loved the experience. Kudos to a well thought out tour with interesting history! Definitely recommend!
Nina S

Swamp tour

about 1 year ago
Everything went as planned. Thanks
Violet Wardrop


about 2 years ago
Great customer service and my wife and I had a lot of fun! Definitely will be making another trip soon!

My Swamp Tour Experience

about 2 years ago
The Tour Guide was awesome. Unfortunately, I can't recall his name but he was humorous and a risk taker too. He actually opened the side door and splashed water while throwing marshmallows saying "EC" or "TC" which he said the gators understood that mean come here. Unsure how true that is but is was entertaining to hear him call out. When the gator swam up to boat the tour guide tapped the head of the gator. The sound of that gator mouth when it closed was powerful! I enjoyed the swamp experience and I enjoyed, although a little scared, holding the baby alligator. I recommend and yes, I would do it again.

Airboat swamp tour

about 2 years ago
Had a GREAT time! Saw a lot of alligators and the captain provided a lot of educational trivia information about the alligators. He is also pretty good at driving that airboat, the wind felt great despite the heat that day.
Henry C

Swamp Tour

about 2 years ago
I enjoyed the tour. The captain was awesome!

Barataria Swamp Tour

about 2 years ago
Fantastic tour, very enjoyable

A Bayou Blast!

about 2 years ago
Had a very enjoyable and learning experience. Extremely enjoyed the captains antics and knowledge of the waterways. If you want to see gators there's plenty hanging about.
Jacob S

Swamp Thing

about 2 years ago
From door pick up through the depths of the swap, we enjoyed the onboard baby alligator as much is feeding the up close swamp alligators. The tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.