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Reviews of Big Kahuna's Water Park Admission Tickets

Great experience
Only bad part was chairs were broken
Aimee S.
about 2 years ago
Will not recommend and I'm local.
I take pride in living in the northwest panhandle and as a business owner I pride on investing local. I took my daughters to celebrate one of my daughter's 15th birthday. So for the 3 of us I rented one the cabanas, almost $200 plus paid the extra $50 to have an assigned waiter so they could wait on us, wanted to really make it special for my daughter. Well it was the worst service ever. We had a supervisor tell me that they were short staffed and that she wasn't my waitress but the people in the cabana adjacent from us got their food promptly and after getting there 30 minutes after us. When we got to order almost 1 hour later the food, the fries came first and the rest got to us an hour later. The supervisor kept ignoring me as she would pass by me several times bringing drinks to the adjacent party and when I could get her attention, her answer was that she didn't know when it would come out, and again would tell me she wasnt our waitress. We finally got a waiter assigned to us 2.5 hours after our initial arrival. He was good. The park was not even full but everyone working there seemed aggravated, even the girls in the dipping dots trailer. I felt like we were bothering for just showing up. I wish they would let you bring your own food if the service is the horrible. I read the reviews and even a friend of ours had the same experience a few weeks ago but my daughters wanted to go here. They comped my food but not our drinks which I paid before leaving the park and gave my waiter a good tip for his good service once he took over. Then when I left, big kahunas called me, I answered and they addressed me by my first name, not mam nor Mrs. to ask if I had left and that I left an unpaid balance. So I had to be put on hold again, while they checked to see that I had paid and that they were wrong, unbelievable!!!
Elena Y.
about 2 years ago
Good Service
I was able to book service and they verified my tickets through a barcode on my on iphone. Fast checkout. Plus was given a discount.
DAndre D.
about 2 years ago
Best water park i have been too
It was great !! And the drinks was over priced but the park itself was the best water park i have been too
Dustin J.
about 2 years ago
10 out of 10
Great experience
Chalacey A.
about 7 months ago
Very helpful, will definitely use it again
Chay L.
about 2 years ago
It was great. Wish we had more time there !
Bobbie H.
about 2 years ago
Water park
We had a wonderful time, drinks was a little pricey
Dennis C.
about 2 years ago
Full price for half rides.
Half the park rides were closed due to either maintenance or staffing.
Jason B.
about 9 months ago
Very satisfied!
The process was easy and we did get the best price by using Tripshock
Pauline S.
about 8 months ago
the check in process was a nightmare even with pre purchased tickets. It took about 45 minutes to get into the park. The food and drinks are extremely overprices. $15 for an icee. $17 for a very low quality hamburger. But the park was clean and the rides were very fun. Kids loved it.
Nicole L.
about 9 months ago
Big Kahuna - too expensive for what you get
I bought the tickets online and then found out that they do military discount at the gate. I could’ve saved myself about $38 with the discount and avoiding processing fees. We went through all the rides in about 2 hours. It was nice that the wait lines weren’t too long. Food was ranging from $10.99 to $16.99 per person or you could get a large pizza and 4 drinks for $50.99. 4 of the rides were closed. We did have a good time but the price definitely exceeded the value.
Stacy S.
about 2 years ago
Destin Vacation
We love everything about Destin. With the exception of the Big Kahuna was not the cleanest, and the Fishing Trip got canceled due to weather. Thank you.
Debra D.
about 2 years ago
I did not like the Waterpark at all...
Buying the tickets on your website was fine even though it took me forever to find anywhere offering a discount. But the actual Waterpark attraction itself was a terrible experience especially for the price. It was extremely hard to navigate the park to even find most of the attractions and how to ride anything. The walking areas were too hot to be barefoot, not enough shade was offered, there weren't enough tables in the food area, everything was super overpriced, the employees were not particularly friendly or helpful and I was disappointed overall.
Samantha B.
about 8 months ago
Family Vacation 2022
We enjoyed the park ! So much to choose from. The family and I will definitely be returning.
Kourtney W.
about 2 years ago
It was ok
The lazy pools were absolutely disgusting algae growing on the bottom of the pool and the water stunk very bad things floating all in the water obvious that there's no filtration system. The rest of the park was wonderful but the lazy fool was absolutely disgusting
Tabitha P.
about 2 years ago
Had a great time
Thanks for providing a great discount! Had an awesome time.
Joshua A.
about 8 months ago
Great fun!
We had a wonderful time at the water park, but the adventure park was a disappointment. If I hadn't gotten a deal on the combo, I would have complained big time. There is nothing that prepares you for what you get. Would go back to the Water park in the future.
Catherine B.
about 2 years ago
Down for Repairs
It was disappointing to go there and have so many rides out of service we only stayed for 3 hours and left. Not sure if I will give it a second chance in the future.
Paul D.
about 8 months ago
Not happy
It cost a pretty penny for a day pass and you can tell not 1 cent is put back into the park. All employees were rude
Michelle M.
about 2 years ago
Great place for family
Safe, fun , clean. We had lots of fun as a family .
Yekaterina G.
about 2 years ago
Tickets were easy to purchase and access. .
Casi A.
about 7 months ago
Could have been amazing
We had fun. The low staffing made the food and drink a pain. Lines were ridiculous for that. The water slide that goes into lazy river was horrible. Everyone kept getting stuck at couldn't move on. The lifeguards were having to drag people to the next level. The kids areas were great.
Jessica L.
about 2 years ago
Needed a map!!
The park was clean, and there was more than enough activities for all ages we had a group from age 65-1. The big thing; was there were no helpful directions to help you navigate the park. If you were a regular which we were not I’m sure it was no big deal. The staff also was not very aware of the facility or it’s workings. For example why did you get a plastic card on entry what was its purpose? Still don’t know! Food prices were like any entertainment venue, pricey. Fries were good! Lots of climbing to get to slides etcetera so come prepared .
Deborah D.
about 2 years ago


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