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Reviews of Bone Island Haunted Pub Crawl & Ghost Tour

LOL what a joke!
I have gone on MANY tours in my travels and this one was the worst. Just save the $27.50 and buy yourself a T shirt. The tour starts off with a story about some chick who was hung, ElvirA, on a tree conveniently located inside of a bar they take you to and the only reason is so u can buy their drinks. Inside the bar is a skull which has a black baseball cap it and it is supposedly Elviras head. Hahaha. U could get that skull at a Halloween store. Anyhow the tour guide was a dud and there was no enthusiasm or real interest in the story teller and her ability to relay a non scarry fictional event. The only way this tour would have been enjoyable is if the attendee was hammered and newly pardoned from a life sentence at Sing Sing.Sooo be prepared to buy drinks at any bar stop they take you to, no drinks are included in the tour and you will be better off doing your own bar crawl and using your own imagination in coming up with stories on your own which will be much more entertaining. Stay thirsty my friend..
Chet D.
about 3 years ago


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