AL, Gulf Shores... > Parasailing
08/21/2019 ~ 08/27/2019
AL, Gulf Shores... > Parasailing
08/21/2019 ~ 08/27/2019

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Reviews of Chute for the Skye Parasailing - Tacky Jack's

Great experience
about 3 days ago
Boat crew was awesome and made it a blast.
Justin C
about 5 days ago
It was the best! Our captain knew his stuff!! Our protection was only thing he was thinking of when he knew rain and wind was about 20 miles away! I bought picture package and so glad I did!!
Donna C
about 13 days ago
My friends and I had a great time. The crew was funny and witty. They really cared for the people who had some sea sickness. It was amazing experience. The flight was smooth and they will dunk you if you want. I would totally book with them again.
Jessica J
Good experience
about 23 days ago
The actual flight was good. However the flight time was shorter than advertised. And the waters were really rough. That in itself is obviously not a negative on the crew but the lack of warning is. My 10 year old son could’ve flown out of the boat had I not grabbed him when hitting a very rough spot. And my 12 year old caught about 3 feet of air before grabbing the railing on the side. None of which were addressed by the crew or warnings or advise given at that time. A lot of people that parasail are not avid boaters so I feel that the crew could’ve done better at warning us to hold on, where to hold on, and the best way to stay in our seats safely considering the turbulent waters. I had 4 boys with me (10,10,12,&12 yr old). They enjoyed the flight. So all in all 4/5. We would go again.......on a calmer day.
Melissa C
about 1 day ago
Katherine S
about 8 days ago
Ben J
about 10 days ago
Ronny S
Too much money for the 10 minute ride
about 11 days ago
I think the listing was a little misleading. The listing stated 1 hr on the boat and a 30 min parasail ride. My daughters were in the air for 10 minutes. Too pricey for a 10 minute ride.
about 12 days ago
Denyveaus - Sells Construction S
about 1 month ago
Darius M