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07/13/2020 ~ 07/19/2020

Tiki trip

about 12 hours ago
Captain was great, we had a wonderful time
Thomas B

Crab island trip -

about 2 days ago
Capt and 1st mate Daniel were great. So helpful during the whole trip. Will definitely use them again
danielle m

Had a blast!

about 2 days ago
So glad we went to Crab Island and the crew (Howe and Derek) we so helpful. Never been on a boat where they advertise that if you need a beer, a float, etc. that they are happy to fetch it for you. Highly recommend.
Michele D

Crab Island Excursion- MUST!

about 6 days ago
Boyfriend and I loved the excursion and crab island. Although the sun was hiding behind the clouds, the water was warm and clean. The captains were nice and knowledgeable. Will definitely do this again!! Planning trip 2 very soon!
Beatrice R

Vacation crab island

about 7 days ago
We had an amazing time ! The crew was great . Would definitely recommend this to others!
Rosita R

July 4th weekend

about 7 days ago
Everything was as it should be! The experience was amazing and the staff was too!
Chris J

Loved it!

about 9 days ago
We had a blast. The captain and mate (Hal and Daniel) was very professional and very sweet and made us feel safe! We will use them again!
Kathryn B

Crab Island

about 9 days ago
We really loved our Crab Island excursion. Captain and Daniel were very competent and fun. We would recommend this trip to anyone! My two and a half year old kept asking us to go out on the boat again!
Beth R

Only Way to Get To Crab Island!!

about 11 days ago
We had the best time with Hal on the Sun Venture 2! First mate Daniel was also great! Our trip was pleasant and very informative! Bring floaties and plenty of refreshments. You can’t go wrong with the Sun Venture 2!
Yolanda E

crab island , out of this world

about 12 days ago
I enjoy every second , the captain was really funny and nice and so was the second crew menber
Michael A