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01/26/2021 ~ 02/01/2021

Crab Island tour

about 4 months ago
Crew were outstanding
David R

Good experience

about 4 months ago
I have to answer this in two parts. As for Crab Island itself, maybe it was the prior weekly storms ( if that’s the case it should have been cancelled) but the water was murky and reminded me of lake water. There was one small “store” open with minimal things and 2-3 people out selling tshirts or ice cream. It seams like a party place for college one time. It’s more or less a hangout for people with boats. Nothing really to see but now I can say I’ve been there. Crew........the crew was super!!! We could have just rode around on the pontoon and listen to them about the area. Their food recommendations were great!!
Cynthia D

Great time!

about 4 months ago
My husband and I had such a great time. Sunventure did an awesome job throughout the whole tour. Everything was explained well and everything went smoothly. My husband will definitely go with Sunventure again for the excursions the next we are in Destin! I would recommend.
Christine C

Great Excursion

about 4 months ago
One of the best excursions we have been on! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a charter to Crab Island.
Malia R

Crab island

about 4 months ago
Very nice boat, lots of fun. Would recommend to friends
William N


about 5 months ago
Hal and Daniel were great! The catamaran was clean and easy to get on/off.
Susan A

Great Excursion

about 5 months ago
The staff and trip was great.
jocelyn h

Crab Island Tour

about 5 months ago
The tour wasn't anything they said it would be, it was only 2 hours long ,No activities they showed on the web site. I think it was a big rip off. I will be filing for a full refund because I was really not satisfied. It truly was the worst trip I have experienced I wish I could give them a score of -00????????. ????
Wendy P


about 5 months ago
We went on Sunventure II and the captain was awesome. Best part of my vacation!
patricia m

Crab Island

about 5 months ago
Well it was fine, we never got to see the dolphins but a hundred of jellyfish and got stung, I guess it’s the risk you take
Rolando V