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Reviews of Crab Island Tiki Excursion

Great experience!
It was so fun! 3 hours was the perfect amount of time.
Emily T.
about 2 months ago
Tiki Tour
Scott and his first mate were wonderful. I would highly recommend using them to visit Crab Island.
Valerie D.
about 1 month ago
No issues, Fantastic booking site
Fantastic, we enjoyed crab island and our captain of the tiki made it all the more enjoyable.
Julietta Y.
about 2 months ago
Amazing experience super knowledgeable captain. Was kind and very helpful the whole time. Definitely will be doing again
Jonathan L.
about 10 months ago
Crab Island 1st timers
We had a wonderful experience going to Crab island with Captain Scott. He was very accommodating and even took us where my children could find hermit crabs. He was very knowledgeable. Many years experience in that industry in Destin!!
Staci S.
about 10 months ago
Bachelorette Trip
I had an excellent time with both Scott and his son Quentin. They were both great captains and deckhands who made sure we had a great time on Crab island.
Lily G.
about 2 months ago
Awesome trip!
Overall, Captain Scott and his crew were very attentive and thorough throughout our time on the boat. They got us whenever we needed and took good care of us. We enjoyed it very much!!!
Karyn M.
about 16 days ago
Fantastic experience
Our captain and tour guides were amazing! Very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend this experience!
Delaney W.
about 2 months ago
Wonderful experience
Highly recommend! We had a great time and booking and instructions were very easy and clear.
Meagan M.
about 9 months ago
It was fun and the captain and first mate were kind, patient and helpful.
Janet M.
about 12 days ago
We had so much fun with Captain Scott! The water was beautiful and it was a perfect day! The group size was perfect....there were 4 of us and we enjoyed meeting the others who were on the trip with us. It was not too crowded and we all had a ball!
Ann B.
about 11 months ago
Great experience! Loved it and Captain Scott was great!
Keiram A.
about 1 month ago
capt scott was very knowledgeable and fun. He is a local whom knows how to entertain and exceed expectations. He is a very hard working owner and Capt and does things correctly.
Michael F.
about 2 months ago
Cold but fun
We had an awesome experience. Do yourself a favor and book this trip. We were running late. Captain call to make sure we were coming. All worked out well.
Anthony S.
about 9 months ago
Crab Island
Wonderful and entertained experience.
Sandra M.
about 9 months ago
Best day ever!
Super cool tiki!! Scott was super friendly and knowledgeable about surrounding areas. Thanks for a great service, especially helping my drunken friends, Scott!
Joyce Q.
about 9 months ago
Most fun we had!
To start the price is so affordable how can you not. The old saying you get what you pay for well that Doesn't apply here! Captian Scott and 1st Mate Anna Grace were very nice personable people. If you are thinking about renting a boat to go don't! Why would you risk being stopped by the water police and get a BWI when you can pay a small amount and be waited on the whole time you are out getting your vacation on. If you need a drink or food or whatever they get it for you. You just get to wade or float around and be taken care with no worries of anything except having a good time and meeting new people. When you get back give them a tip and go about the rest of your day or evening. When we go back we will definitely be using them again.
David B.
about 20 days ago
Awesome sauce
Great time, Will sign up again.
Liza S.
about 2 days ago
Great tour
Our captain took us to crab island but it was too cold and windy to get out. So he took us to an alternate beach where we laid out listened to music and had fun hanging out..
Cynthia R.
about 3 months ago
The tour was great. Very relaxing, lots of vendors around. The captain and crew were very helpful and kind. Great way to get in the water when it’s closed for sharks or too rough
michelle p.
about 21 days ago
Tour to Crab island
It was awesome and the cap Scott is really nice!!
about 10 months ago
Wonderful day on the boat!
Our captain and crew was wonderful!
Sarah S.
about 10 days ago
Great experience
Had an amazing time, would recommend to everyone.
Leonardo F.
about 10 months ago
So much fun! ❤️
Captain Scotty daddy and Q baby were the best! They made our experience enjoyable and took care of us anytime we needed anything. Highly recommend this excursion.
Vanessa H.
about 13 days ago


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