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Fishing trip

about 4 months ago
Had a great time, on the Gulf Breeze! Only threw up twice, choppy water at the beginning, do to a storm the night before. The crew was very knowledgeable and helpful. The captain put us on great fishing grounds and came back with plenty of fish! Highly recommended will definitely be back next season!
Justin Clayton


about 18 days ago
It’s tough to really review this trip. The seas were really rough. I knew this might be a not so good day because the boat filled up with an entire family that I don’t think they knew what to expect. Ended up almost all got sick and did not care were they were barfing while some of tried to fish. Capt could not find the fish this day and I know sometimes you get into them and sometimes you don’t. I was frustrated that red snapper was out of season. I wish I knew that before because I caught some nice ones and had to throw back. I felt lucky to keep my two fish. Enough for a couple tacos. I would go back if I would be on a boat with just the minimum amount of people. It was a bit crowded for rough seas. The crew is great. I would fish with them any day.
William Olson

Fun and fish filled trip!

about 3 months ago
The crew of this fishing trip was amazing. We caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun. The crew was extremely friendly and helpful. No complaints!
Carin Ramirez

Kolt is the man

about 2 months ago
The mates did amazingly well and worked their tails off for us. The 1st mate Kolt is a great dude and helped to make the experience top notch. Will be back.
Brian Simmons

Gulf breeze party boat

about 30 days ago
Great trip through the New Years Day fog. Only about 20 passengers and we caught a lot of fish that we kept, plus threw back many more that were out of season. The mate who worked our area of the boat, John, did an outstanding job. Overall I would definitely go back on this boat again.
James LaFollette

Great time.

about 3 months ago
Crew was top notch. Had us on fish all day. Great trip and great service
Jay Thomas


about 3 months ago
The entire experience was outstanding and amazing I had a great time the crew and the captain were great they took good care of us and put us on some good fishing thanks guys I will return
Kris Betts

Deep sea fishing

about 1 month ago
Had a great time ! The guys on the boat was very awesome and was there to help anytime you needed them ! Definitely recommend.
crystal burns

Ok trip

about 3 months ago
Found the deck hands to be rather sarcastic At the end we Tipped them well Fish for dinner proved they need lessons on cleaning fish if this is part of trip! Hard to enjoy when most all the bones are left in your fish you paid to have filet
John Wolfe

For my first time experience, it was great !!

about 3 months ago
It was a rough ride but I really enjoyed the entire time. Can’t wait to do it again!!
Timmeth Ford

Party boat

about 3 months ago
I had a great time. The water was extremely choppy and the fish weren’t biting well, but it was a fun trip. The crew was awesome.
Myra Davis

8 Hours fishing

about 3 months ago
This experience was amazing, fishing was fun the guys are excellent to work with and I am definitely going back for sure
Dwight Edwards

Great trip friendly xrew

about 23 days ago
Did a 6 hr trip and had a great time. The captain put us fish and the crew work hard to keep us stocked with bait and our dish on ice.
Jack Williamson


about 1 month ago
You are definitely guaranteed to catch fish in this charter. Even in the winter there was game.
Breno Santos

Great Experience

about 3 months ago
The crew was fantastic! Booked this for my husband's 44th birthday party trip. The guys had a great time,Colton and crew were so helpful and attentive. They set the bar for the next fishing trip!
Melonye Thomas

Excellent experience

about 4 months ago
Crew was very helpful, boat clean and comfortable and we caught fish
Brian Little

Gulf fishing

about 3 months ago
As always a great trip. Whether you catch fish that day or not the crew is always on point to provide everything you need. I'll always fish with these guys
Walter Leck

Charter: Gulf Breeze

about 3 months ago
Great crew! Got the biggest fish on the trip.
Mindy Rodgers


about 3 months ago
It was our 20 year anniversary, I enjoyed it till my hubby got sea sick and I couldn't fish till the very end cause there was no spots available at the time.
Carl Montgomery


about 4 months ago
Party of 4, we caught 3 fish in 6 hours…..we have used another company on a bigger boat with double the amount of people onboard and caught 3x the amount of fish.
Travis Light

Great Trip

about 28 days ago
Would highly recommend this boat and crew. They did a great job and we made great memories!
Ben M.

Deep sea Fishing

about 4 months ago
We had a great time fishing! The only downfall is that we didn’t get very long to fish . This is everytime we go though. We expect it. We could stay out on the water all day if we could.
Terri Cheek

So much fun !

about 3 months ago
Started out as a rough morning bc of the waves, but it got much better! The guys were awesome and answered any questions we had, and John even tried to hook a fish for me so I could catch one since I was sea sick for a bit. He also tried to help my husband cross a shark off his wish list but we were unsuccessful. 10/10 a great time!
Tiffany Garza

Too much traveling

about 1 month ago
Two hours out from dock and to come home empty handed isn't fun. However I did catch several nice size red snappers but couldn't keep any. I would have thought a captain new his territory and would know where to place his crew in order to acquire the fish that's in season
Christopher Patterson

Excellent Trip

about 3 months ago
Did the 8 hour trip,had a great time,xrew and captain were excellent and very personable. Looking forward to going in June for Red Snapper season
gerald howland
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