Destin, FL > Deep Sea Fishing Charters
07/10/2020 ~ 07/16/2020

Awesome Experience

about 6 hours ago
The captain and crew were great. I will recommend them to all my friends. They put us on the fish every time. I'll be back.
John R

Good Day

about 3 days ago
It was a good day out fishing, the crew was good, CAPT put us on the fish!! A. Cooper
Arnett C

Fishing charter

about 3 days ago
Omg! This was a treat for my boyfriend. It was our first time and we had the BEST TIME!!!! The crew was fantastic. Although the weather was a little choppy it did not ruin the trip at all. We caught about 20 vermilion snapper and one flounder. If you’re reading these reviews as I myself often do before I book any trip through a third party. Look no further, this was my second time purchasing through tripshock and it’s always a breeze.
RoeShay S

Good trip.

about 4 days ago
Overall it was well worth the money. My wife and grandson had a great time. I didn't enjoy it so much but it had nothing to do with the crew or the boat. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting a fishing trip.
William L

Horrible trip

about 11 hours ago
Fishing trip was really bad. The weather made it impossible to enjoy it. Waves were throwing that little boat up and down. Everyone was vomiting. No life vests were given. The captain should Have canceled this trip knowing the weather.
Lisa F

overpriced & needy crew

about 4 days ago
For the price I was expecting a much better experience. the captain was a complete jerk and the crew had a horrible attitude. There was no live bait or fresh bait at all. The gear they have is dog crap and smells like rotting fish. I will never set foot on this boat again. Back in San Diego you can get this same open party trip for 50 to 75 dollars with a much better crew and gear. This place is just a tourist trap.
robert j

Good time

about 4 days ago
Enjoyed the trip. Captain was grouchy but the trip was nice. I would have liked to fished deeper and not run parallel to the coast for 2 hours to only fish for smaller fish. I know you all have decisions to make about the fishery but just let the customer know what to actually expect. Caught a bunch of small fish though. Just tell the facts in marketing. We fished deeper on the 4 hour trip than a 6 hour trip
David B

Not worth the money

about 5 days ago
Between 5 people, only caught 5 fish. The guides didn’t even tell my son the type of fish they caught - just hurried and threw it back in back. Find another service.
Carrie W

Bait and switch.

about 5 days ago
Bait was reused from another trip. Mushy and old. This 4 hour trip had about 30 minutes of fishing time. Crew wasn’t active in helping. I had two teenagers that didn’t fish that 30 minutes, couldn’t get the mushy, reused cut bait on the hook. No one to help but me. Crew should have canceled as maybe 20% or more of the people puked the whole time. We did not, and there’s plenty to complain about without complaining about it the weather. Captain needed a paycheck. Oh, and booking a 2-6pm trip was $50 on site at all the other similar outfitters and $80 through Tripshock. Please contact me to discuss as it may keep me from disputing with credit card company. [email protected]
Gary F


about 7 days ago
Only caught 4 fish and they weren’t big at all. Not sure if it was the location they brought us to but we expected to catch larger or at least more than 4 fish.
Misty M