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Reviews of Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

Great time, Great fish, Great experience
A bit rough seas but the Skipper put us right on the fish, all the hands were attentive and helpful, It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, right up there with the fish tacos that night made from the vermilion snappers. And, bunches more in the freezer. Really enjoyed the trip and the experience and will be back again !
Dan R.
about 5 days ago
Boat and crew were great. Fishing was pretty good. Our fish got mixed up with someone else's so at the end of the day only had 5 fish to take home. Otherwise reccomend
Doug M.
about 2 months ago
Great fishing trip
The boat and crew were top notch if you’re looking for a great trip please check out Olin Marler.
Dan W.
about 3 months ago
Great Experience
The crew and Captain were extremely friendly and competent. We caught a lot of fish and had a blast. We would definitely do this again with this company.
Jeremy C.
about 3 months ago
Good Times
Fishing was slow but that was no fault of the crew. It was just that time of season and also the full moon the night before was a big factor. However, overall the crew was excellent and we had such a great time. We wilm definitely be coming back and going on this same charter. Just at a different time of year and season. Highly recommend.
Richard F.
about 2 months ago
Tropical Winds
We had a great time on our 6 hour fishing trip. The crew took care of us and ensured everyone caught fish. No Whale Sharks! That really bummed me out.
Thomas R.
about 3 months ago
Worst fishing trip I’ve ever experienced!
Our annual man-cation deep sea fishing adventure was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever encountered. Thirty-five people aboard, 3 fish caught that could be retained. The water was too rough for fishing, out of the thirty-five passengers I would say twenty were sea sick and the crew made bets amongst each other on how many would be sick before we returned to port! It so bad, you could not even stand and fish as the boat was tossed and turned by the rough water! Bodies hit walls and deck routinely and the crew really showed zero concern. Absolutely atrocious experience!
Alvin M.
about 2 months ago
Excellent fishing trip
Had a great trip with Olin Marler. Captain and crew were great! Captain found the fish and crew helped us bring them in! We plan on booking again next month.
Melanie M.
about 2 months ago
So much fun!
From booking to the actual trip things went smoothly. We had a great time and caught lots of red snapper. The seas were rough on our trip so some of the passengers got ill but still everyone had a good time. Would highly recommend!
David J.
about 4 days ago
Took my 9 year old grandson we caught a lot of fish and had an awesome time. The weather was perfect and our deck hand’s were the best. Will definitely book again
Ida M.
about 1 month ago
Deep sea fishing
Weather was nice a little windy but not bad. Captain was polite and knowledgeable. Put us fish and deck hands were really good. Would go with them again.
Timothy A.
about 2 months ago
The boys and I had a great time and the men on the ship were great and helpful would highly recommend
Clifford J.
about 1 month ago
The grand girls caught more than anyone on the boat good job girls....the trip was excellent and they really enjoyed it!!!!!
Rene H.
about 3 months ago
The guys on our boat were so helpful and nice. Would definitely recommend them to others.
Kay D.
about 29 days ago
Great trip!
Booking was easy and communication was excellent. We enjoyed the comfortable boat, skilled crew and the value was good.
Scott E.
about 2 months ago
Worst day of my life
Wave was so high, it was so dangerous. Everyone on board had a sea sick throwing up. It was raining also. They should have canceled the trip
Ho K.
about 3 months ago
Sick as hell
I stayed motion sick for the duration of the trip I will never get off land again lol
Tyler B.
about 2 months ago
Nice trip
The deck workers were really helpful when it came time to actually fish, the only downside was the dolphins would snatch our fish before we could reel it in therefore the boat captain kept moving the boat so we didn’t get too much actual fishing time. We were gone approximately 6 hours with maybe 1.hour of fishing time when you added it together
Rotunda S.
about 19 days ago
First stop we were on the fish!. Everyone was excited. 2nd stop, third stop, fourth stop there was nothing caught. So, it seems like the first stop was a set up to make you think excitement was ahead. Boy were we wrong. And the captain couldn't keep the boat steady. Lines getting crossed and hung in the propeller. I have definately seen better captains! The mates were great, though. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Perry B.
about 1 month ago
Take any boat but the tropical winds
They stole our amberjack and most our fish we caught. I’ve been deep sea fishing for 17 years and will never take this boat again. By far worst deckhands and experience overall!
Kamryn S.
about 2 months ago
The trip was great, the crew was awesome, & very helpful. I've taken many fishing trips before, and for sure, they're an asset to your business. They really earned our trust and their gratuity
Earl P.
about 10 days ago
Amazing Time!!!
Captain and crew showed us a great time! Put us on lots of fish and added some entertainment value with baiting for amberjacks or sharks and someone caught a 7' shark! The crew put together a smaller pole for my 8 year and really made sure we had a good time and caught some fish! We will be going again!!!
Jeffrey S.
about 3 months ago
Great crew
The crew was great! They did everything in their power to get us on fish! It was a very rough ride as the storms were heavy in the gulf. Didn’t catch but one small one, but it was definitely an experience watching everyone sea sick and how angry the ocean can be. Great time!
Gilbert V.
about 3 months ago
Great time ! Caught a few fish . Crew and Captain was awesome .
Christina F.
about 2 months ago


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