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Fishing trip

about 3 days ago
The crew was courteous and helpful.
Arthur H

Tour was good.

about 6 days ago
The trip was nice. The only thing that turn me off is that one of crew hands was upset at the tip a was very disrespectful.
Debra W

An experience!

about 9 days ago
We had a party of 7 for our deep sea fishing trip. It was an amazing experience for everyone on board except for me. Let me explain....I got sea sick...ready to jump overboard and end it all type of sea sick. The kind of sick that you feel like you have thrown up everything you have ever eaten in your life kind of sick. So for me, that was my first and only trip deep sea fishing. As for the rest of our party they had an absolute blast!!! My husband caught a shark and my kids caught so many fish too. The crew, gosh I can't say enough about them. They were wonderful. So helpful with my kids and my husband would have never got the shark in without the help of one of the crew guys. Do this if you don't get sea sick. It was amazing!!
Christina n


about 9 days ago
Good time. Good help for first time fishinerman
James J


about 6 days ago
The crew was wonderful and so helpful. We caught a lot of fish and the 8 hours flew by. They cleaned all our fish and it was just a great experience all around. Highly recommend. We will be back next year!
Sarah B

Deep sea fishing

about 1 day ago
The crew members were very friendly and helpful caption put us on a lot of Red snappers. Excellent experience
Phillip G

Fun fishing

about 9 days ago
Had a great time. Good crew. Watched a couple of people puke. Caught lotsa fish
Ancil D

Overall experience

about 3 days ago
Great experience! Great service! Room was great!
Ryan S

Full day/ 8 hour deep sea fishing

about 9 days ago
Boat and crew were outstanding. Capt put us on a lot of fish!!!
Edward L


about 12 days ago
Great time and fabulous crew
Bryant R

Great time fishing!

about 12 days ago
Nice personnel. Great service.
Claudia S

5/18/22 Tropical Winds

about 13 hours ago
We had a good trip caught several snapper and vermilion the guides were very helpful.I would recommend them highly.
Anthony K

Fun time fishing!

about 13 hours ago
I really enjoyed the deep sea fishing trip. I would have given a 5 star review except for one issue. There was no mention of having to pay to park. When we arrived at 6:30a.m. there was plenty of parking in the lots that we were told to park in. However, when we came out a man was there telling us we had to pay $10 for parking there. This should have either been in the information about the trip, or posted. It was just irritating because I did not have cash and they did not have a credit card machine. Other than that the fishing trip was good.
Kim B

Destin deep sea fishing

about 13 hours ago
This is my 3rd times fishing here and still feel amazing.
Yuk man W

Great trip

about 3 days ago
It was fantastic!!! The crew were very helpful and entertaining!! I will definitely go again with this crew!!
Alexandra F

What an experience!

about 9 days ago
These guys are good at what they do and really help. Especially if you’ve never been deep sea fishing. You WILL catch fish. Loved it!
Suzette C

Trip was great!

about 3 days ago
Fishing was a lot of fun! We caught a lot of fish and had a really great time. The guys were very helpful!9
Erika O

Lots of fish and great fun

about 13 days ago
The deck hands were very helpful the one that was at the stern was stone and I've been on a couple fishing trips like this and he was probably the best one so far 10/10 can't wait to go back captain knew where all the mingos were and even hooked into a huge shark but it got off before we got it to the boat
Jamie F


about 8 days ago
Disappointed. It was a 4 hour boat ride, not a fishing trip. Didn't stay in one spot long enough to fish. Won't be fooled again.
Frederick F

Lots of Fish

about 7 days ago
Hardworking deck hands, tight little boat, experienced skipper who knew when to stay a bit and when to move. Banter about the types of fish was quite helpful. Over 100 fish caught on the boat, including two bonita and an amberjack. Would do again!
robert k

Fishing trip

about 5 days ago
Had an excellent time. Staff was very knowledgeable and easy to understand their fishing directions.
David W

Well worth the money

about 8 days ago
I thought the trip was well worth the money. For a four hour trip it was very enjoyable and everyone caught fish. Stone kept us entertained and everyone there worked hard.
Kerry W

Excellent experience and staff

about 6 days ago
Went out Thursday May 12th on an 8 hour trip (Gulf Breeze). Captain put us on fish at every spot. As a boat we limited out on vermilion snapper. A nice amber, black fin and grouper was landed. Also caught several red snapper (out of season), white snapper and trigger fish. The deck staff was amazing. Many folks had not fished much and they took the time to explain how to bottom fish and was patient on the tangle ups. Would highly recommend the 8 hour trip or longer with these guys
Todd P


about 8 days ago
The guys made you feel like you were the only ones on the boat. We saw Dolphins and caught a bunch of cool fish! This is the boat you want!!!!
Megan T

4 hour Fishing

about 11 days ago
Beautiful scenery, lovely day, however, this boat could use some work. Chipped paint on the floors were painted over by white, giving it a leopard look. But the biggest problem was the Captain’s driving. Hard to fish while the boat was going in circles. The lines were often tangled with others under the boat. We trolled a lot making it hard for beginners to get the hang of it. They used 18 pound weights which was difficult for the weak to reel in the line. Crew were nice enough, and worked hard to help everyone. I don’t think I’ll go back.
Israel G
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