Destin, FL > Deep Sea Fishing Charters
07/05/2020 ~ 07/11/2020

Olin Marler 8 Hour Deep Sea Fishing

about 4 days ago
we had a great day. Caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun doing it. We limited out as a boat on Mingo snapper and brought home a huge stringer of fish for our group.
Todd K


about 4 days ago
We had an amazing experience, very satisfied!
shawn m

Fish On

about 4 days ago
Great trip for myself and my 2 sons. Big stringer of Mingo snappers and even a google eye snapper. No big fish was only down side. Captain and mates were great.
Jim D

Great Crew- Captain is a Curmudgeon

about 4 days ago
The crew were great, very helpful! We only had to go to 2 spots and caught a lot of red snapper. The Captain seems jaded with years of rude tourists and when he spoke over the intercom he was clearly annoyed with all humanity regardless of weather they had offended him yet or not. He scolded paddle boarders, the police in the boat next to us and at the end described how he felt about non- tippers. Luckily you never see him and he only speaks a few times.
Angie W

Not worth the money

about 21 hours ago
Between 5 people, only caught 5 fish. The guides didn’t even tell my son the type of fish they caught - just hurried and threw it back in back. Find another service.
Carrie W

Bait and switch.

about 22 hours ago
Bait was reused from another trip. Mushy and old. This 4 hour trip had about 30 minutes of fishing time. Crew wasn’t active in helping. I had two teenagers that didn’t fish that 30 minutes, couldn’t get the mushy, reused cut bait on the hook. No one to help but me. Crew should have canceled as maybe 20% or more of the people puked the whole time. We did not, and there’s plenty to complain about without complaining about it the weather. Captain needed a paycheck. Oh, and booking a 2-6pm trip was $50 on site at all the other similar outfitters and $80 through Tripshock. Please contact me to discuss as it may keep me from disputing with credit card company. [email protected]
Gary F


about 3 days ago
Only caught 4 fish and they weren’t big at all. Not sure if it was the location they brought us to but we expected to catch larger or at least more than 4 fish.
Misty M

Fun! Fun! Fun!

about 4 days ago
Took my grandsons and we had a ball. Fishing for the nine year old was a challenge because the rod/reel was a bit heavy and lots of reeling but he didn’t care. Great time and the crew was very helpful. We’ll use Olin Marler again for sure!
Chuck W

Excellent Trip

about 4 days ago
It was definitely a fun worthwhile fishing trip. It’s one of the best We have been on!!!’
Angela B

Red Snapper

about 5 days ago
Can’t put us on the Red Snappers! Very good trip. (No Bananas) :-)
Arnett C