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Kids first fishing trip experience.

about 14 days ago
The crew was very friendly and helpful, the catch was discouraging, nevertheless, we had a good time. Toilets could be cleaner, anytime kids wanted to the bathroom, it was full of crap and never cleaned throughout the trip. that's not the message they would like to take back to their friends at school.
Earl P

Deep Sea Fishing

about 16 days ago
We had a great day. The staff was excellent and very helpful.
Nancy H

Great trip

about 23 days ago
We had a great fishing experience on this boat. The captain and crew were wonderful. They really put it on the fish.
Jeremy S

Amazing fishing experience

about 28 days ago
The fishing is amazing. The crew is excellent and very friendly. overall, just an amazing time.
Jordan Z

Driving on

about 1 day ago
Too much driving around not enough time to fish.
James B

Fishing Re-Do

about 29 days ago
We had originally booked on Friday 11/5 and due to mechanical issue on another boat, or trip was cancelled. We had the option to go on the 8 hr charter, so that is what we did. A chilly start, but warmed up and we got plenty of fish more white grouper and a few big one( jacks ) under the slot -as well as some red snapper we had to throw back as they are out of season now ! Great time, crew worked hard and we came home with lots of fish! Recommend the trip! I would give five star but I had to get up before the chickens two days in a row- Boat and crew are great thank you
John M

Not enough room for team mates to fish by each other.

about 29 days ago
Wish I could have fished beside my team mate but we did have a nice time.
Rush R

Fun times

about 30 days ago
Crew and captian were great fun time all around.
Matthew G

Great Time

about 1 month ago
I have done this before BUT. This crew was AMAZING. Will be doing it again. Thank You
Faniel S

Fishing was great

about 1 month ago
Crew was helpfull. Fishing was great. Cant beat the price. Highly recommend