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Not enough room for team mates to fish by each other.

about 2 months ago
Wish I could have fished beside my team mate but we did have a nice time.
Rush R

What a great day

about 2 days ago
First I have to complement the Crew. We only had interaction with Matt and Stone. Very personable young men who know what they are doing. As a 75 year old woman I was having some difficulties with the weight on my rod. Stone swapped it out for a lighter weight. This helped but I was still having problems. Matt then changed the rod and reel I was able it fish comfortably. On our first stop I caught a keeper after a few more stops I cold hardly pull the fish in fast enough. It was a great day. Back on shore Stone filleted the fish for us and put them on ice. This whole adventure was A+. If you are looking to go fishing this is the crew you want. Thank you for making my 75th birthday one I will always cherish.
Dianne H

Fun times

about 2 months ago
Crew and captian were great fun time all around.
Matthew G

Awesome time

about 3 months ago
All 6 of us had a great time! The crew was great. Very fun!
Michael W

Christmas trip

about 22 days ago
Great experience. Caught a lot of fish. First mates eventually warmed up and were extremely helpful. Would highly recommend to others.
Jim G


about 22 days ago
Great crew. We had a blast
Rajas J

Amazing fishing experience

about 2 months ago
The fishing is amazing. The crew is excellent and very friendly. overall, just an amazing time.
Jordan Z

Driving on

about 1 month ago
Too much driving around not enough time to fish.
James B

Never again

about 3 months ago
This was more of a game show than a professional charter. Constant shouting, and belittling of the customers over the loud speaker via the captain while fishing made for a miserable time. As well they were chanting "DEMOCRATS!" at the dolphins the entire trip. Absurdly unprofessional, irrespective of your political party, I'm right leaning but there's a time and place for that stuff. I wont be making this mistake again.
Don T

Great trip

about 2 months ago
We had a great fishing experience on this boat. The captain and crew were wonderful. They really put it on the fish.
Jeremy S

Rough waters rough day of fishing

about 8 days ago
Storm rolled in and the waters were rough. 90% of fish caught were out of season so we didn’t get to keep very many. Nothing to do with the boat, captain or crew. They were fabulous just a bad fishing day. Still better than working though.
Jason H

Kids first fishing trip experience.

about 2 months ago
The crew was very friendly and helpful, the catch was discouraging, nevertheless, we had a good time. Toilets could be cleaner, anytime kids wanted to the bathroom, it was full of crap and never cleaned throughout the trip. that's not the message they would like to take back to their friends at school.
Earl P

Deep Sea Fishing - Destin

about 3 months ago
Overall, the trip was nice for my 11yr old son and I. The mates did a great job given how many people were fishing and the rough conditions. We did catch four Red Snapper keepers and a dozen other fish, so the Capt did a great job. I wish the boat hand some hand soap that worked in the bathroom and maybe some Dramamine for sale for the 7 or 8 people that were keeled over sick. One bathroom had puke all over the wall rendering that one pretty gross. The mates could have done a better job filleting the snapper as there were many bones in after. Trip was not quite as nice as a private fishing charter, but was a great bang for the buck if you’re on a budget and just want to catch some fish.
Joseph H

Great Time

about 2 months ago
I have done this before BUT. This crew was AMAZING. Will be doing it again. Thank You
Faniel S

Deep Sea Fishing

about 2 months ago
We had a great day. The staff was excellent and very helpful.
Nancy H

Excellent service

about 3 months ago
Excellent service
Sonia M


about 3 months ago
We had a great time. One sick person out of 5, we all caught fish. We were treated well and respectfully our time was wonderful.
Stephen D

Fishing Re-Do

about 2 months ago
We had originally booked on Friday 11/5 and due to mechanical issue on another boat, or trip was cancelled. We had the option to go on the 8 hr charter, so that is what we did. A chilly start, but warmed up and we got plenty of fish more white grouper and a few big one( jacks ) under the slot -as well as some red snapper we had to throw back as they are out of season now ! Great time, crew worked hard and we came home with lots of fish! Recommend the trip! I would give five star but I had to get up before the chickens two days in a row- Boat and crew are great thank you
John M

Unfriendly crew

about 18 days ago
We were in a big group with absolutely no experience in fishing. One guy from the crew explained the instructions once in a hurry before they even stopped at the location. When it was time, most of the novice were struck and when asked, we didn't get a proper help. Though it is mentioned in the agreement that they will help in Filleting the caught fish, the guy was so rude and refused saying he won't get "enough" tip by helping us. I wouldn't recommend this service.
Nandhakumar S


about 18 days ago
It was my first time deep sea fishing and I enjoyed the trip out and pulling up all the fish.I would do this again!
Andre A

Amazing trip

about 1 month ago
The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to go again . Would highly recommend.
Rhonda T

Fishing was great

about 2 months ago
Crew was helpfull. Fishing was great. Cant beat the price. Highly recommend

Issue with fishing reel, delayed assistance

about 2 months ago
While my wife and I were fishing, my wife's line had a problem and she called the deckhand for assistance to fix the issue and when someone else caught a fish the deckhand stopped helping fix her problem and went to the other customer before returning to finish fixing her reel. I feel that they should have continued to fix her problem before moving on to help someone next in line for help. We are paying customers just like everyone else. When the deckhands cleaned our fish they left alot of bones. I feel if they slowed down just a bit that their wouldn't have been as many bones left in the fish.
Shawn B


about 2 months ago
It was a awesome experience. Seeing dolphins and jelly fish along the ride. Fishing was a challenge. Wife caught a few so you will get a bite. Headed back in January.
John D

Want a refund

about 3 months ago
Water was way to rough to be out and nobody caught any decent fish and then when we got back to the dock our fish were given to somebody else. There was no proof that those were our fish
Ray P
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