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Great Experience!

about 7 days ago
This fishing trip was great, and we even caught snapper! The hands set us up with our rods and bait. They even casually educated us a little on the fish that we caught. Some people didn't catch fish but even if we hadn't, the experience would still have been worth it. It took about an hour to go out and another to get back so that gave about 2 hours to fish in 2 different locations for out 4-hour trip. I wish we had more time, amd would likely do the 6-hour next time.
Keonsha B

Great trip

about 14 days ago
It was a great experience very friendly crew I will be doing it again on my next vacation
Samuel W

Great experience

about 12 days ago
Fishing trip was awesome! First time ever deep sea fishing, crew an captain were very helpful!
Brandon T

Deep sea fishing

about 7 days ago
Great experience and friendly crew.
Chris K

Olin Marler

about 9 days ago
Capt and crew was awesome! The booking office did a great job!! I will definitely be booking with Olin Marler again! Retired Army First Sergeant
Arnett C

Amazing Trip

about 30 days ago
Captain Randy Deckhands Shawn and Jack Trip was amazing they put us on some very big red snapper 10/10 would recommend them for your next adventure !!!
Joshua M


about 17 days ago
I had an Awesome time with Gulf Breeze fishing charter on Saturday, caught our limit with much meat, the crew was always on point especially Stone the guys must have eight hands taking care of people. Simply Awesome trip, can’t wait until next time!!!!
Timothy L

Good father and son fishing trip

about 10 days ago
Even though the weather was bad the crew was able to get us to prime fishing spots and we caught lots of snapper. The mates and captain we’re very helpful and taught us a good couple of fishing techniques. Could only imagine how much better the trip would’ve been if the weather was sunny but definitely booking with them again
Jimmy O

Coolest boat trip ever!

about 3 days ago
Captain Bud did a wonderful job and the older crew member helped us greatly! He loves his job and it showed. The younger crew members were a little slower and complained more often if they had to help and weren’t nice about it. Great day Fiahing, caught tons of fish. Had loads to carry home. Thanks for a great day!
Lisa B

Deep Sea Fish

about 30 days ago
We received an excellent tutorial on how to fish for for red snapper and Vermilion snapper. The staff was very helpful. And very available to answer questions and help with any problems.
Kathleen O

Best fishing trip!!!!

about 19 days ago
Me and my son went (13 and 51) the crew was awesome, we caught LOTS of fish!!! Great day, would do it again in a heartbeat!
Mark T


about 28 days ago
Great ride and fishing trip. Everybody was nice and helpful.
Larry W

Very rough waters

about 26 days ago
First time I had been deep see fishing and scared the crap out of me they said we were on very rough waters could barely stand so I didn't really fish stayed inside the cabin
Tonya L

Diagnosis of a fishing trip

about 21 days ago
You know I've often felt like people talk a little easier while fishing. The senses are overloaded with positivity. The sway of the boat, a cool breeze and something magical or unseen at the end of your line. Perhaps it's like recharging your battery. But whatever it is, it's nice.
Thomas H

Fishing Trip

about 10 days ago
We went out deep sea fishing with an awesome crew. Very knowledgeable and understanding of those that have never deep sea fished before.
Michael M


about 5 days ago
We had a great time. Staff did not disappoint. Will definitely do it again
Danielle S

Olin charter

about 4 days ago
I took my 3 boys and grandson out for 6hr trip fishing captain and mates did excellent job put us on lots of fish we had a memorable day would do it again for sure that you all for everything
Bruce C

Fishing Trip

about 10 days ago
The accommodations were uncomfortable for a six hour trip, seating was crowded, not much room on the unpadded benches and during the fishing sessions it was also crowded.
Edward O


about 12 days ago
Captain was professional and gave a good briefing prior to launch. The deckhands were helpful. It would’ve been nice if they mentioned the difference in their hooks and how to efficiently bait them. Too many people on the boat and we didnt have our lines down for very long before having to drive to a new location. You might get 3 casts max. Then because there were so many folks, lines would get snagged. I won’t take this type of fishing trip again.
Michael S

Great fun

about 5 days ago
It was a wonderful trip. The best part was the fish was cleaned for us after the fishing trip. i enjoyed it. we definitely will do this again.
Eileen W

Great trip

about 19 days ago
Me and my 2 nephews had a great trip. You all had an excellent price & we caught a bunch of fish! The mates were top-notch also! We will be back again!
Jason H

Catch of the Day!

about 3 days ago
Having never been deep sea fishing we weren't sure what to expect. The captain and the entire crew went above and beyond to make this an entertaining and absolutely enjoyable experience. Despite a cloudy, drizzly start it turned out to be an absolutely perfect day. We came home with 12 red snapper fillets - enough to feed everyone in their neighbor.
Sheri V


about 15 days ago
Captain put us on a lot of fish and the crew was fantastic!! Will go back again!!
Tiffany C

Won’t do it again

about 2 days ago
I’ve fished Destin my whole life. Since the early 80’s. Every kind of charter there is. This trip was about putting my sons on a couple fish, so in that respect mission accomplished. But the boat was controlled by a local group that was friends with the first mate. They got to choose their spot to fish, bounced us off where we were standing first, my sons were told on the way out they weren’t allowed to stand in the spot that the first mate had reserved for his buddies. He put us on the front of the boat and proceeded to tell me this was the best spot on the boat. (
joseph g

10 Star Fishing Trip

about 13 days ago
This is a must do trip. The crew was great! Thank you to captain Ron for the safe trip and landing us on more fish than we could catch. A big thank you to Randy Johnson for all your help baiting our lines and helping my wife pull up the over 20 lb. Red Snapper. This was a once in a life time experience and we will be back again. This IS the deep sea trip to take. Olin Marler’s Dolphin Cruises and Deep Sea Charters
Kent W
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