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Reviews of 5 Hour Deep Sea Party Boat Fishing in Panama City Beach

Captain and crew were courteous, professional, attentive and very helpful, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to go charter fishing in the Panama Beach area…..
John R.
about 1 year ago
Deep Sea Fishing
Courteous crew. Clean boat. Good supply of drinks & food onboard. Not alot of good size fish caught by us or others. Captain seemed to be having trouble finding good size schools of fish. Went out with Capt. Anderson in 2009 & had better luck.
Wendell E.
about 2 years ago
Great trip. Not too long and not too short
Daniel G.
about 1 year ago
Such a fun trip. We caught about 15 fish each!!! Well worth the money!!
Karen K.
about 1 year ago
Great trip mother in law first time on ocean and caught several. Deck hands were great to her and the 86 year old man beside us that just wanted enough to feed him and his wife. Stellar crew and good memories
Blake B.
about 2 years ago
Great trip
Wish we’d have more time to fish and less time moving around to different spots, otherwise it was great!
Angel E.
about 2 days ago
Excellent and knowledgeable fishing experience
We have went on fishing charters the past 3 years in Panama city and we have to say this was our best trip thus far. These guys have my vote on being the best guides we have ever had!! Captain put us on the fish and his deck hand was great and patient helping us reel them all in!! I can now check catching a shark off on my bucket list! 11/10 recommend!!
Tiffany C.
about 2 years ago
Smoth sailing caught a lot of fish deck hands were great at getting the fish off the hook and helping with a couple of tangles There were three of us and we all are planning a 10 trip next year
Thomas P.
about 1 year ago
This was a great trip! Me and my son got to spend the trip together and caught some fish and saw some dolphins playing.
Christin H.
about 2 years ago
Deck Hand Dino is the Man!!
We had a really good time ! It was nice to have a/c to sit inside out of the sun, while riding to our destination! They have food, drinks and snack to purchase at a reasonable price ! It was nice that the Day/time we booked it wasn’t over crowded! We had the whole front of the boat to our selves! Our deck Hand Dino was amazing, friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable in his possession! I would definitely do this again & hope that we would get Dino as our deck hand ! He’s the best !! He was really great with our 9 & 3 year old! We caught 6 fish but only got to keep 5 cause one was out of season! The one I caught ! Haha That thing was pretty big to! I couldn’t get over his teeth! Lol If you do this ask for Dino as your Deck Hand!!
Holly M.
about 2 years ago
Fun trip
It was fun! Great experience. We didn’t catch much but still had fun!
Rachel E.
about 2 years ago
Worth the money
Overall, a good experience. The boat was a little crowded but everyone caught a few fish. The crew was topnotch and very accommodating to every level of experience. Definitely worth the price.
Michael B.
about 2 years ago
Capt. Anderson
Overall the trip was ok. Spent more time moving from spot to spot than fishing. Spent less than 5-8 min in 2 different spots. The crew “mate” was wonderful and was working hard to please everyone in his section. He gets an A+
Franklin J.
about 2 years ago
We had fun. Kept getting hung up with fellow fisher's next to me. Didn't catch a whole lot, but had fun anyway
Celia B.
about 2 years ago
Boat issues
Boat had problems had to return to dock and changed boats.
Jeffery H.
about 2 years ago
Only con is the fish we're to small
Billy T.
about 2 years ago
Could have been improved if folks were not allowed to smoke onboard. Unfortunately folks right next to us were doing so.
Ernie E.
about 2 years ago
Captain Anderson’s 5hour deep sea fishing
Put us on fish right away. Moved to soon we were catching fish. I thought it was going to be an excellent trip but then we moved after in about 40 minutes. Stopped 4 more times that produced minimal fish. Our deck hand JJ was awesome with instructions and encouraging and helping everyone.
Bernie P.
about 2 years ago
Unfortunately I ended up coming down with something and wasn’t able to attend but my mother in law and brother in law had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.
Nathan W.
about 2 months ago
Bad Spots
I have always caught many keepers on all my fishing trips (in the Destin area especially) so I was quite disappointed that the spots we were brought to appeared to be duds. It was more like a boat ride than a fishing trip. I don’t think I will be repeating that trip/route.
Ahmad A.
about 2 years ago
Had a great trip!
We had a blast on this trip! The crew was great and we brought home plenty of beeliners for dinner. Deckhand Dino really hooked us up! As for him on your next trip out!
Eric B.
about 2 years ago
Fishing trip
Great trip excellent crew
Stephanie L.
about 2 years ago
The mate Dusty were very helpful to my sister-in-law which was her first time ever.
John D.
about 1 year ago
5 hour Party Boat Fishing Trip
Oh my gosh! What a great time!! The crew/mates were so helpful! It was my first time deep sea fishing! Along with my nephew’s stepson. I want to do this again! The fish we caught were delicious!! Everyone loved the snapper and even the little grunts we caught! Thank you for such a nice first experience!!
Elaine C.
about 10 months ago


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