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Reviews of 6 Hour Deep Sea Party Boat Fishing in Panama City Beach

Great day off the coast of Panama City Beach.
I had a great time and caught some very nice fish. Looking forward to eating some of them this weekend. A couple of my associates got sick and didn't add any fish to the stringer. They spent most of the trip with their heads on a table. I bet next time they'll remember to take something for sea sickness, and the day was largely calm seas! Rookies who thought they knew it all!
Geoffrey M.
about 3 years ago
Fall Break - Skip the Fishing
Fall break is obviously not the optimum time for a fishing trip. Boat was fine. Crew/mates were great and very friendly and helpful. Fishing was very poor. Felt like the captain made little effort to find a better spot. He just kept circling the same sorry spot the whole time even when it was obvious that the fish were all very small and not biting well. Also, every other time I've gone out on a 6-hour party boat, we went totally out of sight of land. This captain took his time going out and coming back but never got out of sight of shore. Can't help but feel that he could have gotten us to better fishing sites. Probably was just a bad time of year to go out.
about 2 years ago
Only Party Boat Trip with no fish.
I have been going on Party Boat fishing trips for over 40 years but this was the first where I did not take home fish. They made excuses that the seas were to rough to go as far as they normally go, but I have been on much rougher seas on other trips and still caught fish. In my opinion they didn't go very far because there weren't enough people on the boat and they did not want to burn the fuel. I don't recommend Anderson at all. It a tourist trap. Save your money and go somewhere else.
Kenny M.
about 3 years ago
Deep sea fishing trip
Great weather, great crew, clean boat and the fish were biting but because it was two days before Red Snapper season opened every time someone caught a red snapper the captain made us pull up and move. Three stops in a row I was only able to drop my bait once before the captain was blowing the horn to move. It was a nice boat ride but a crappy fishing trip. DO NOT GO UNLESS ITS RED SNAPPER SEASON. Boat rides cost 1/3 of the price of a “fishing trip”.
Robert M.
about 3 years ago
We sell parallel to the shoreline with it always insight. The fish we were catching or small perch, size fish in a few very small, vermilion snapper. We caught a lot of fish none of which were big enough to fillet. The group was excellent. The boat was nice. I was expecting to go off Sure not so close to the land
Kevin H.
about 1 year ago
Great expedition
Excellent experience. They took great care of us, fish were biting, crew was helpful, and on-board food was reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend
Scott B.
about 3 months ago
My review
Was so much fun. The only reason not 5 stars, the ran out of all drinks before we got half way back. It was so hot. Everyone was needing drinks. Wasson much fun besides that.
Windy E.
about 3 years ago
Great experience
This trip was fun for my grandson and I. It was a warm day do it was great to be able to sit in air conditioning for a short break. The snacks were fine because we were there to fish but we wanted a quick bite. The other fishers were so nice and helpful. No heavy drinkers. The crew was the best and extremely helpful and attentive when lines caught. They also kept moving to new spots to increase number of fish caught. Overall it was well worth the time and money.
Virginia M.
about 3 years ago
Captain Anderson fishing PCB, Fla.
We had a fabulous trip just about everyone on the boat got their limit of Red Snapper.If you didn't limit out on The reds you made up with the bee-liners.It was an all round nearly perfect trip the best for me so far this year.
about 3 years ago
Fishing Trip
We had a great time on our fishing trip, the crew was professional and helpful. There were a large variety of fish to caught.
Theodore K.
about 3 years ago
Captin Anderson 10hr and 6hr trips
Great 2 day boat ride, fishing worst i have had in 50 yrs.
Stephen K.
about 3 years ago
Excellent crew support
Philip G.
about 4 months ago
6 hour fishing trip
Water was to rough . 1/2 people on boat got sick .
Windy G.
about 2 years ago
Off shore fishing with Capt. Anderson’s
The deck hands were very helpful and friendly. They were knowledgeable and offered good advise. My son and I had a great time!
Korey R.
about 2 years ago
Fishing Trip
We have a fantastic time. Grandson’s all caught fish and deck hands were great. Would recommend 100%!!!
Daryl S.
about 3 years ago
So many fish!
This is the best fishing trip that we have ever booked. The captain knew where the fish were and took us straight there! Everyone fishing caught so many fish! The deck hands were so helpful, courteous, and made sure we knew how to fish, bait our lines, and was always present to untangle lines if needed as well as to remove all those fish from the line and put on stringers. We had a lot of fun and had fish filleted prior to leaving the docks!
Debby K.
about 3 years ago
Great Trip
This was a great trip for me my wife and mother. First trip ever for my wife and mother. We caught a lot of fish and had a great time. If you are planning a trip look them up. I know the next time we come to Panama Florida we will be fishing with you.
Melvin A.
about 2 years ago
Friendly service everyone was awesome and made sure we was taken care of. Deck hands were really awesome
Michael W.
about 2 years ago
Trigger fish
Caught19" trigger fish. Lots of fun.
Daniel C.
about 3 years ago
Big red
Totally enjoyed our fishing. Had to throw several big ones back but do have a bag of fish to cook. The crew was great and helpful. Thanks.
Roger S.
about 3 years ago
Super fun
It was a lot of fun. I hooked my thumb trying to take a fish off the line and a cute deckhand bandaged me up!
Liz B.
about 3 years ago
Lots of fun
Even though it rained most of the trip, the trip was a lot of fun. The crew was great and they were right there to help if needed. Caught some fish, the experience we worth it. Highly recommend this on your next trip!
Brittney D.
about 3 years ago
Great trip! Crew were all very helpful and right there when anyone needed assistance. Although, the fish just weren’t there for us. But, the captain sure did his best putting us on many different spots. The experience was very memorable and will definitely be back for another outing. Hopefully sooner than later.
Kathie M.
about 3 years ago
6 hour deep sea fishin
It was a beautiful day, we had a great friendly helpful guy that helped us and others. The captain was great. Once you drop your pole and no one catches within a few minutes he moves you to another spot. They really try for you to catch fish and work hard. We had a great time.
Angie B.
about 3 years ago


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