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Best part of our vacation!

about 25 days ago
What a gorgeous trip! Beautiful water, great weather and the boat was too. My family all agree that this was the best part of our trip and wish we had done it one more time before we left.
Kim M

Lovely time

about 2 months ago
Pontoon boat in great condition, the whole experience was easy and fun for a great price!
Melissa W


about 30 days ago
We had a great time. Very pleasant workers. Thank you for making our trip enjoyable
Marty D

Good experience

about 19 days ago
Staff was nice and helpful with instructions to use the pontoon. Crab Island was awesome! We started early so the it was not too crowded though it became more so by 11-12 noon. Was a fun time overall for our family and infant baby.
Huong N

Water sports

about 11 days ago
Great all around service
Draveyon L

Neat experience

about 23 days ago
Had a great day at Crab Island and couldn’t have made it without the freedom of renting our own pontoon. Thanks for giving us that option.
Samuel S

As expected!

about 2 months ago
Everything was as expected. Super easy!
James E

Pontoon rental

about 30 days ago
Smooth experience from checking in to checking out. Crew is organized, helpful, & friendly.
Lauren N

Great time

about 5 days ago
Great all around.
Dalton S

Crab Island

about 20 days ago
The boat was in great shape and the people were awesome!
Hilary R

No radio and bad steering

about 15 days ago
No radio in the boat, after the guy showing us the boat said we would just have "play around with it". He was clueless about everything, which is was new and I will give him that. Boat steering was extremely difficult. Company didn't over to do anything for us other than to come in and they would give us a nice discount on the next trip. Will not use them again.
Jillian E

Pontoon rental

about 1 month ago
Leave time for paperwork, but other than that it was terrific...boat in good condition and enjoyed the day!

Great experience

about 2 days ago
Renting the pontoon from Wet-N-Wild watersports was great. Everything went very smooth and it very easy to book. They had the boat ready for us promptly at the designated time. The workers were great and very friendly. Booking through trip shock was easy and worked out perfectly! Will definitely rent again from wet n wild watersports through trip shock
Lori P

Enjoyable Experience

about 13 days ago
The staff was great and we had a good time! When the boat we originally gotten had an issue, the staff responded quickly and for us another boat and extended our time! Friendly and courteous!!
Chirika G

Great Time!

about 1 month ago
The boat was great and so was everything. I’d book there again.
Christopher M

Crab Island Half Day Trip

about 17 days ago
We had 10 people on our rented pontoon. Staff was very nice and helpful. We had a god time. Water was beautiful if you catch it at the right time.
Susan P

Pontoon rental

about 1 month ago
No issues whatsoever. Everything went great. Would definitely do again.
Keith N

Destin vacation

about 15 days ago
Great experience for the money. Great staff. The online legal, paper releases are easy to complete, but are a little lengthy. Get there 20-30 minutes before your time to complete and load your boat so you don’t cut into your fun time. Only wished I would have booked the boat for the whole day.
Robert N

Love that!

about 1 month ago
It was so wasy from your website! Everything is gone perfect! Thank you
Isin B

Nice trip

about 10 days ago
Things went we. We saw a bunch of dolphins and went to a private beach. Was a delightful day.
Brian H

Good and bad day!!!

about 2 months ago
Pontoon rental and crab island experience was phenomenal!! Although, one major incident, we left some expensive fishing rods leaning against a tree on the premises. When we went back to get them, they were gone. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t just turn them in. They knew someone would be returning for them. My faith in humanity dwindles more and more each day!!!
Renee C

Crab Island Family Vacation 2022

about 13 days ago
We had a Great Time! pontoon was in good shape and served us well! We will be doing that again! The Guillotte Family
Seth G

No radios

about 10 days ago
So the boat was in good shape. However, the ladder was not safe getting in and out of the water. Also we were extremely disappointed there was not a working radio on the boat. Huge vibe kill!
Joy Y

What you see is not what you get!

about 1 month ago
The staff were very nice! But when they saw we had brought a Bluetooth speaker for music because it said the pontoon came with AM/FM radio, we were informed it didn’t work, so we had a pretty boring party with no music. We used our phones for music for a little while until they were dead and we had nowhere to charge them. The real issue was that the boats shown in the pictures looked nothing like what we got. Our pontoon was old, beat up on the sides and missing paint. Now where to we decided to end our day 4hrs early was because we took my Mom with us, who got into the water. When she was ready to get back on the boat, we realized the only way to get on the boat was by using the ladder that was very tiny and narrow, had one of the steps that you couldn’t put your foot on unless you pinched your toes so she was not able to come up the ladder with skipping a step so she had no choice but to get several men to pull and push her onto the boat, which was humiliating and made her very upset, and therefore just wanted to leave. All of the adults struggled to get on the boat using the tore up ladder. You would have to be a very small and athletic person to use the ladder to get on the boat. We hated to have to go because it was so beautiful out there but without being able to get on and off the boat, no music and dead phones, our party was over
Darryl B

1st time

about 1 month ago
The family had a great time cruising around in the water. The only thing we didn’t like was the ladder . We wished the steps were bigger. But other than that every one had a blast
michelle a
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