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04/02/2020 ~ 04/08/2020

Wonderful time

about 7 months ago
I'm a slow learner but the teacher, P.J., was patient and he seemed to truly care about and was invested in my success with flyboarding. Would absolutely do it again!
Robin W

Fantastic flyboarding!

about 9 months ago
Flyboarding was my son's favorite activity on vacation. Anyone with a teenage or young adult Male would love this! He will definitely repeat on our next trip to Destin.
kristi d

A Unique Experience

about 9 months ago
More people should try flyboarding! I felt like Ironman. It is something that you get better the longer you do it.
Albina M

Would definitely book it again

about 10 months ago
Our grandson have a great time. Said he would do it again
Jessie P

Hydroflight experience

about 10 months ago
It was amazing! Kevin was incredibly helpful as an instructor and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience! I would recommend this to anyone that’s interested. I did the half hour session and he had me up and doing spins before it was over! I’ll be back to do it again next year.
Jeremy S

Fly Boarding

about 1 year ago
Awesome experience. You can tell the instructors care more about you having a great time rather than making money. If I am ever in the area again I will definitely be back.
Seth H


about 2 years ago
Probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! Had Derek as an instructor, he got me up and flying in about 15 mins. Once I got the hang of it, he started teaching me how to do tricks, it was incredible! Then everyone in the bay started to come watch and boats were stopping to watch, I felt like Ironman flying around! You can do it in 20 min segments, but I chose an hr, so it was like $250, pretty pricey, but really cool to do! If you have the funds, it's a must do while you are here on vacation, you will never forget it!

Great Flyboard Excursion

about 2 years ago
This was my first time on a flyboard and it was amazing! Ben was excellent at instructions on how to fly and a great operator! Would highly recommend!


about 2 years ago
Staff was friendly, instructor was a very nice easy going guy who definitely helped alot , only thing i would change was during the time paid for i kept having to stop and take time out of it to hear what the instructor would tell me, i he didnt really give me a warning when my time was close to done either so didnt get to try anything i wouldve like to. Paying as much as u have to in order to do it , i wouldve like to at least tried to do more than just basic stuff.


about 2 years ago
This was the best experience I've ever had! Everyone was super friendly and helpful and patient. I would definitely do this again!!