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Reviews of HarborWalk Village Daytime Dolphin Cruise

My husband and I were in Destin for the first time on our 26th Anniversary and we absolutely loved the Boat Tour. The Captain and crew were so nice and informative. We had great drinks, were able to move around the boat comfortably and saw lots of dolphins!! It was very beautiful! We will definitely be back!
Melissa N.
about 1 month ago
Great Adventure!
The crew was amazing and very fun, professional and informative! I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family!
Angie H.
about 23 days ago
Great Experience
Me and my family loved it! We got to see dolphins, along with a great atmosphere. The boat had snacks and drinks for the ride, which we loved! Will do it again!
Sarah C.
about 30 days ago
Boogies Dolphin Tour
The captain and staff were very kind on our tour. My son even got to captain the ship which was awesome. And the captain's jokes were hilarious. Thanks for a great experience Boogies!
about 21 days ago
Boat Tour
Great Dolphin experience
Donna Y.
about 9 months ago
Glass bottom boat
It was very exciting. They crew were friendly and courteous.
Vickie W.
about 8 months ago
Glass bottom boat
Barely got out of the marina and it wasn’t a glass bottom boat it had windows that you couldn’t see anything on the bottom deck.
Melvin N.
about 1 month ago
Glass boat tour
Had a lot of fun
Devin C.
about 1 month ago
Very disappointed. Only saw 2 dolfins from far away. The glass bottom was useless and nothing could be seen through the windows . It was a really poor experience. Would not recommend
Pilar B.
about 9 months ago
Two times!
Took this tour 5 years ago with my lady and this time around I brought my now grown kids with us. At 23 & 18 they absolutely loved it! Sharks, dolphins and sea turtles! Informative and enjoyable! The staff were amazing!
Anthony L.
about 2 months ago
Don't Miss It!
We saw so many dolphins and the crew was wonderful! A definite to do in Destin!!
Loreen C.
about 9 months ago
Stop feeding the seagulls
Donna R.
about 8 months ago
Amazing trip , saw lots of Dolphins. Crew was great
Thomas G.
about 27 days ago
Boogies dolphin tour
Great dolphin tour. The Boogies captain and crew did a great job. They made sure we saw multiple dolphins and pointed out historic areas of Destin. Would recommend using this tour to anyone looking for a great adventure
Cindy O.
about 1 month ago
Friday more Friday morning dolphin search
We had a light crowd on the 10 o’clock outing. This made moving about the boat quite easy and going up and down to the below deck. And upper deck. All the crewmembers were very polite and helpful. The captain told corny jokes along the way and pointed out the 17 water towers that were spaced along the coast. The most important part was that we did see multiple dolphins.
Jeff R.
about 19 days ago
Captain White’s crew was awesome. We had a great time! Got to see quite a few dolphins and other sea creatures!
Chloe K.
about 1 month ago
Glass Bottom Boat
It was a great experience.
Tecelia B.
about 10 days ago
The Glass Bottom Boat Dolphine Cruise
This is a great experience and is a must see. Justin and the crew were awesome. They were very polite and welcome questions and answered. We were a able to see a crab trap, feeding of the birds, and the dolphins which was the great of all. We enjoyed taking pictures and videos of the sunset capturing the romance. Over all extremely satisfied with this excursion.
Rolanda H.
about 9 months ago
Great Experience
It was wonderful we really enjoyed ourselves...And got to go out into the ocean
Nicole M.
about 9 months ago
My wife and I were looking forward to seeing the under sea on the “glass bottom” but unfortunately its wasn’t a glass bottom. My wife mentioned to one of the crew members about hoping to see and experience the “glass bottom “ and to see the bottom of the sea, the crew told her its was in the cabin. So we went down to the cabin along with some other guests. We were very disappointed.
James B.
about 1 month ago
Obnoxious tourist
I imagined this would be a great afternoon date idea and all was going well to start with till we departed the harbor. I believe do to a lack of dolphin sightings the tourists started feeding the seagulls and they started swarming over our heads. Then they started throwing chips in the air that started landing on ours and other passengers heads. To top that the birds started bombing the boat with fecal mater. Me and my date had to squeeze up to the bow of the boat to avoid the Kaos that ensued for the next hour and a half. Defiantly not the romantic boat cruise I had imagined.
William C.
about 9 months ago
Win some you lose some
The crew was great. The water just seemed so choppy that we only saw 2 dolphins and 1 sea turtle. Win some ya lose some. Not the crew or cruise fault
joseph b.
about 1 month ago
Dolphin tour
Was happy to see dolphins but would have loved to see some underwater creatures.
Hollie S.
about 1 month ago
Big let down
It was not as fun as we had hoped. We were hoping too have a fun time with the crew and passengers.. we did a tour last year and it was so much fun.. the captain and the crew was amazing.. they played great music and kept us interested in the tour.. when we saw dolphins they explained how the like noise and would probably come investigate.. it was just a totally different experience and atmosphere..
Walter H.
about 9 months ago


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