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Reviews of Destin Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The 5 Tennessee Ladies had fun!
Wonderful time together. Enjoyed the captain Justin and his crew. Great night to see Dolphins and fed the birds too. Fun time.
Cheryl P.
about 5 months ago
Great Experience
It was wonderful we really enjoyed ourselves...And got to go out into the ocean
Nicole M.
about 4 months ago
Obnoxious tourist
I imagined this would be a great afternoon date idea and all was going well to start with till we departed the harbor. I believe do to a lack of dolphin sightings the tourists started feeding the seagulls and they started swarming over our heads. Then they started throwing chips in the air that started landing on ours and other passengers heads. To top that the birds started bombing the boat with fecal mater. Me and my date had to squeeze up to the bow of the boat to avoid the Kaos that ensued for the next hour and a half. Defiantly not the romantic boat cruise I had imagined.
William C.
about 4 months ago
Great experience
The dolphins were in full view, the crew pointed them out when we couldn’t see them. Feeding the seagulls was great, give it a try.
Joanne T.
about 5 months ago
So cool
It was an amazing experience!
Rusty C.
about 4 months ago
Very disappointed. Only saw 2 dolfins from far away. The glass bottom was useless and nothing could be seen through the windows . It was a really poor experience. Would not recommend
Pilar B.
about 4 months ago
Big let down
It was not as fun as we had hoped. We were hoping too have a fun time with the crew and passengers.. we did a tour last year and it was so much fun.. the captain and the crew was amazing.. they played great music and kept us interested in the tour.. when we saw dolphins they explained how the like noise and would probably come investigate.. it was just a totally different experience and atmosphere..
Walter H.
about 4 months ago
Glass bottom boat tour.
My family absolutelyoved our tour experience. We cannot wait to do it again.
Michael C.
about 5 months ago
Don't Miss It!
We saw so many dolphins and the crew was wonderful! A definite to do in Destin!!
Loreen C.
about 4 months ago
The Glass Bottom Boat Dolphine Cruise
This is a great experience and is a must see. Justin and the crew were awesome. They were very polite and welcome questions and answered. We were a able to see a crab trap, feeding of the birds, and the dolphins which was the great of all. We enjoyed taking pictures and videos of the sunset capturing the romance. Over all extremely satisfied with this excursion.
Rolanda H.
about 4 months ago
We had a fantastic time on this boat ride. Wish we could have seen more through the glass, but they made up for it.
Doreen M.
about 6 months ago
Not engaging and cannot see out of the bottom
We typically go on a dolphin tour every year, it is one of our favorite activities. We were with a new group and we’re trying a new option of tour. Rhe experience was lacking. Three stories calls for young kids to go up and down which made us seasick. The bottom was windows that were so dirty you couldn’t see anything. The narrator was indecipherable because the speakers were not good quality. All around poor experience. We will return back to another company.
James W.
about 4 months ago
Glass Bottom boat.
The experience was ok . Pictures taken initially upon boarding. The glass bottom was not on the bottom there are windows on the sides of the seats down there. All info would be helpful for deciding on which to go for!
Samantha C.
about 5 months ago
Awesome Experience
My husband and I enjoyed the boat ride. Everyone of the people on the boat was awesome...from the captain, bartender and picture taker.
Katrina T.
about 6 months ago
Happy with experience
From getting the sunset cruise set up to the staff on the glass bottom boat everything was great
about 5 months ago
The boat ride was good. We saw lots of dolphins!
Christine L.
about 6 months ago
Great time!! Fun and friendly people!!
Kathy T.
about 6 months ago
boat trip
We had a great time everyone was very nice. We would do this trip again.
Treva H.
about 5 months ago
The audio was scratchy and hard to understand, there was no “glass bottom” only windows below that were hard to see out of . The scenery was beautiful and saw many dolphins. Update the audio system and advertise correctly. I give it an 8.
Corby K.
about 6 months ago
Stop feeding the seagulls
Donna R.
about 3 months ago
Great dolphins cruise
The crew was great and the experience excellent. We fed the gulls, saw dozens of dolphins at play, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!
Jacquelin R.
about 5 months ago
Nice Tour/ Not glass bottom
Really enjoyed the dolphins, crabs, water, drinks, and atmosphere. It was beautiful and fun. We couldn’t really hear what the captain was saying and the boat wasn’t really what I would consider a glass bottom. You had to go downstairs in a compartment underneath and look out small windows. I expected the whole bottom of the boat to be glass so we could see underneath our feet. I was a bit disappointed in that but otherwise it was a good tour.
Sabrina B.
about 4 months ago
Glass bottom boat
It was very exciting. They crew were friendly and courteous.
Vickie W.
about 3 months ago
Boat Tour
Great Dolphin experience
Donna Y.
about 3 months ago


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