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First Timer

about 6 months ago
Made it into Destin all the way from Texas and hit up Luther's for a paddle board rental. The deck hands were great, super nice and helpful. (Make sure you tip those kiddos well!) I went out into the Harbor on a Saturday, definitely wish I would have waited until there weren't so many boats but even the boats were great. Nobody was leaving large wakes, everyone was waving, smiling, and having fun. Parked up on the beach for a bit and enjoyed the view. It was also affordable, only $40 for 2 hours y'all!. Enjoyable trip, well definitely be back!
Jamie R

PAddle boarding

about 5 years ago
First time to go paddle boarding; instruction given was adequate, equipment was good, time versus cost of rental was in line. For first timers the harbor is not the place to learn, its very busy with boat and jet ski traffic so you get in their way and the waves they create makes it more challenging to stand up. Overall it was a positive experience.

Paddleboard rental

about 3 years ago
Paddle boards were poor quality. Staff did not adjust paddle for height of user and showed below minimum competence on paddlebaord stroke. Disappointed and overpriced. Can I get a refund?
Ian B


about 4 years ago
I've used luthers water sports in the past to rent pontoon boats so we didn't think twice when we called them to rent 3 paddle boards and a two person kayak. Well, they put us in the water right by the dock where there is a lot of boat traffic. There was really no place to paddle that was safe and we were constantly on the look out for oncoming vessels. It was beyond stressful and turned out to be a really scary time and a waste of money. They told us there was some beach where we could hang out on but it turned out to be the tiny patch of sand actoss from their dock. Shame on luthers for dumping people off their dock and putting them in dangerous conditions just to say they offer paddle boards and kayaks and compete with other local business.
Natalie D