Destin, FL > Party Boat Fishing Trips
05/31/2020 ~ 06/06/2020

Great time

about 8 months ago
I took my daughter for the first time and she had a fantastic time.
Willie S

Fantastic Trip!!!

about 8 months ago
The crew was great! Super friendly and very attentive to everyone on board. The boat was spacious and even provided an air conditioned area for the passengers who needed to cool off and grab a snack or drink. We a family of 6 caught 43 fish and had a great time!!! We highly recommend!
Jeff T

Family Fishing Trip with Uncle Robert

about 8 months ago
It was GREAT and we really appreciate the Crew see you guys next time and God Blessings upon each of you
Andrew L


about 9 months ago
Most of the fish that was caught were out of season. Michael the guy who baited our hooks. He was awesome and patient. He did a great job at cleaning the boat As well. He needs a raise. I have been on a few and he was the best so far.
sanford R

Trip canceled by boat owner

about 8 months ago
Please read credit our credit card. The trip was canceled due to weather and lack of participation. Whole area was under weather watch.
Judy H

Awesome time!

about 9 months ago
Excellent Captain and crew. Caught plenty of fish. Sean and Foley were great.
Brian W

Sunday fishing

about 9 months ago
Deck hands to captain all great people. Wish we could have caught more fish though.
Jeffrey H

Awesome deckhands.

about 9 months ago
Went out and hit some small swells from a thunderstorm in the distance. Deckhand were awesome at untangling lines quickly. Also were quick at getting fish off lines and in the coolers. Caught a cooler full of snapper and ruby’s.
Daniel C

Totally awesome

about 9 months ago
Had so much fun. It was a wonderful time and caught a lot of fish. The crew was amazing and fun to be around.
James S

Too many ppl

about 10 months ago
There was too many ppl smashed together and all the lines kept getting tangled into each other... little fish was caught with a boat of 65 guest. Most were seasick and didn’t get to fish. We specifically asked for red snapper fishing and failed to tell us upon reservations that the red snappers were out of season... the fish I caught was about 2lbs.... not worth the time or money spent....never again with this boat
Jeff L