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Reviews of Destin Party Boat Fishing Excursion

Grate crew grate time.
Bogdan S.
about 12 months ago
Villa Marie trio
It was my 7 year old grandson’s first fishing trip and he had a great time. My husband, son-in-law, and my grandson had fun and caught fish and the crew was very helpful and nice. Thank y’all for a fun memorable time.
Kellye J.
about 2 months ago
Loved the trip excellent captain and crew.
Diania D.
about 1 year ago
Deep Sea Fishing
Wonderful time...great staff on the boat helping.
Marciela M.
about 2 months ago
Very great experience- will book again!
Jason C.
about 9 months ago
Greatest fishing ever
Probably some of the greatest fishing I’ve ever done in Florida I’ll definitely will be booking with y’all again next year
Hunter F.
about 12 months ago
Awesome Fishing!!!
We had a great time!! Worth every single penny. Initially, I was concerned about the amount of people that would be on the boat with us… IT WAS PERFECT! There was plenty of room for the large number that went out with us!! The mates on the boat were so helpful with my teenage daughter and baiting her hook . They took the time to explain what she needed to do and helped her along the way…They def put us on the fish, we caught several trigger fish, red snapper, mingo (vermilion), a couple Benita and anything else that was biting!!! Brought home a huge bag of filets!!! 10/10 would recommend for anyone. Deep sea fishing was on our family’s “summer bucket list” and they did not disappoint! Weather was amazing too, which def helped!! Kudos!!!
Layne B.
about 16 days ago
Winner, winner, fish dinner!
Our whole family loved this trip. My husband caught the biggest fish. Our 10 and 17 year old boys baited their hooks and caught a few fish each. The ride out was picture perfect and the sunset was beautiful. The crew was friendly and quick to help with any issues. We brought back 8 fish that were cleaned by the crew. Great family memories made on this trip! Thank you!
Kim D.
about 12 months ago
Fishing trip
Great day on the water! We aren’t fishermen and wanted to do something new. The boat crew were great.
Larry S.
about 1 month ago
Fishing tour
Wonderful time! Remarkable crew!!
Kelley L.
about 1 year ago
It was GREAT I WILL be back.
Antonio F.
about 9 months ago
Caught nice fish. People were helpful. Good value
Robert L.
about 1 year ago
Great trip.
Very successful outing.
Rick K.
about 1 year ago
They were on time. Communicating was great, they explained all the rules and gave lots of tips for fishing. They were friendly and helpful getting your fish of the hooks and untangling lines if needed. We caught lots of fish and the captain found us a great spot. We even saw dolphins.
Erica A.
about 2 months ago
Great fishing!
We did this deep sea fishing excursion 3/27/24. The crew were wonderful. Very family friendly and clean! One of the best head boats that I've been on in a long time. I highly recommend
Christopher H.
about 4 months ago
Party fishing
Too many people and boat was moving constantly so lines were always tangled.
Sheilla G.
about 1 year ago
Excellent Fishing Trip- well worth the price
Excellent fishing trip. Crew was kind and helpful. Would highly recommend. They even had extra water to give out, just in case you ran out.
Jeff H.
about 1 year ago
It was great! Awesome time!!
Axel R.
about 1 year ago
The fishing was fine, the ocean was really rough so a lot of people got sick, but that is not the captains fault. The boat lost a pump so we were without AC and water for toilets. The crew was relatively inexperienced and didn't seem to know size limits. They threw back a lot of fish I could have kept. I wanted a bag of snapper fillets to try, since I eat all fresh water fish where I am from. The most experienced deck hand finally told the inexperienced deckhands the fish I caught were legal and could be kept. I did all my own work, baiting my rods, taking off my own fish and finally measuring them to make sure they were legal. I also did this for my wife and sons, so I baited as much as I fished. Again, not the most motivated deckhands. My tip to the crew reflected that I had to do their work. I would not recommend this trip for younger kids, they would need a lot more attention than the crew gave. My sons were 16 and 18 so they could survive better with less attention.
Jeff K.
about 1 year ago
It was my first time fishing in Florida. Will definitely will be coming back.
Hector R.
about 1 year ago
All of us had a great time.
Wilfredo C.
about 12 months ago
Great experience
My boys 11 and 15 had a great experience. Water was pretty rocky. A few people sick I cuddling myself but my boys had a blast. My oldest caught a huge Amberjack and my youngest caught a few red snappers. 7 fish all together kept , three 8 back.
Delpha B.
about 5 days ago
We had a great time. The team was very helpful an knowledgeable. Thank you for a great trip!
krissey h.
about 1 month ago
To Crowded
While I will state the crew was fantastic, the number of people fishing was to much. I think the first 5 or 6 drops, I tangled with multiple people around me. To spend so much time getting to the fishing location, we had only an hour or so to fish. I would prefer to pay more and have fewer fishing.
Mike P.
about 1 year ago


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