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Reviews of Destin X Parasailing - Departing From Destin Harbor

Not afraid of hights anymore
These guys completely explained everything to us so we knew what to expect. The captain also shared with us some of his tender in service. I highly recommend going out with these guys. An tip well. They are responsible for your life an take it seriously while showing a good time.
Donna G.
about 11 months ago
Excellent adventure
The 5 of our family that went on this adventure had an amazing time! We got the photo package and it was a great addition. Thanks for keeping my family safe and happy! Will see you next year:-)
Kathe T.
about 12 months ago
Fun experience
We had 7 people in our group and everyone loved it!
Adam B.
about 4 months ago
Great time
They are fun and professional.
Rosalie S.
about 12 months ago
The experience was great! Fun and easy to get along with crew, explained everything with good detail for us first timers. Made sure to have fun while being safe
Paul B.
about 11 months ago
Wonderful Experience, Wonderful Staff , Beautiful Views .. Everything Was Perfect !
Felande R.
about 10 months ago
Memories made
It was a blast, such a blast and so many memories.
Jessica R.
about 11 months ago
Our parasail g trip was excellent! Salvador and Jarod were the best! We had a wonderful time and they were both great!
Patema D.
about 3 months ago
Good experience
The experience itself was good, there were no major issues. I also bought the picture package and the quality & effort of taking there photos were not good. I’ve gone parasailing before and opted for the pictures then as well and they were of much better quality. Photos of us in the air look like ants, you literally cannot tell who the people are.
Jasmine B.
about 2 months ago
Great family fun!
Salvador and Jared were so fun and nice. We had an absolute blast! They did an excellent job with everything and we always felt safe.
Jessica R.
about 2 months ago
Very exciting and fun!
Jan P.
about 3 months ago
Parasailing was fun.
Parasailing was fun but the experience was kind of ruined by the grumpiness of the guy who was helping the captain. The way he explained everything was demeaning and very off-putting. If he had better customer service, the experience would have been a 5/5 star experience.
Angela R.
about 11 months ago
First time paprasailing and it was fantastic
Will the captain and Ashly the deck hand were excellent. Ashlet took great photos of us parasailing. I would definitely do it again. Thanks!
Steve M.
about 16 days ago
The staff was great and the guys on the boat were very excellent and knowledgeable!
Marsha F.
about 12 months ago
Fun Time
Overall fun experience. I recommend. Crew was fun and knowledgeable. They took safety seriously.
Sam H.
about 11 months ago
They crew were so kind and caring! Such a good vibe! Saw some jelly fish which was cool haha
izzy c.
about 11 months ago
Lots of fun
Lots of fun and a smooth experience
Whitney W.
about 6 months ago
One of the coolest things i’ve ever done!
sarah b.
about 3 months ago
Fun and I felt very safe!!
Jarred and John were amazing and I could tell they knew what they were doing while also being fun. You could tell they enjoyed their job!! Do it!!
Lisa P.
about 9 months ago
Haley Bush
Everyone was nice and it was very fun!
Haley B.
about 12 months ago
Great time!
Had a great time. Very knowledgeable, experienced guys running the boat. Very professional and courteous. Will definitely be booking with them again in the future!
Luis I.
about 11 months ago
First time in Destin and first time parasailing, we loved it! Our hosts were great!
Vanessa O.
about 13 days ago
The air up there
My daughters had a blast taking off from the cold boat, flying in the warmer air, and being realed back in to cheers from our boat mates. They were the first to go up on our cruise and had a great time cheering everyone else on.
Rachel T.
about 7 months ago
Excellent first time parasailing experience. Felt very safe knowing captain, Jeremy, and Joel would take good care of us. Although, we felt Joel was a bit rough with all the customers. The way Joel talked and handled with all of us was rough. Didn't think he meant any harmed, but not everyone could except his roughness. Jeremy was chilling and professional.
Visothik C.
about 11 months ago


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