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Beautiful and Enjoyable Dinner Cruise

about 3 months ago
The food was delicious. The entertainment was wonderful and staff was friendly and attentive.
Martha Curfman

Great time

about 3 months ago
Was very nice great entertainment, food was good.Nice amount of time on the water. Would do again!!
Pamela Stouffer

Relaxing fun

about 6 months ago
The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The food was delicious. The entertainment was wonderful. I cannot recommend it enough.
Deanna Gupton


about 6 months ago
The atmosphere was good with live music. The view was wonderful. Food good and the crew was very helpful and kind. My husband and I really enjoyed a dinner on the sea for our anniversary
Roberta Brooks

So much fun!

about 5 months ago
This Dinner cruise was truly a wonderful time for my Husband & I and our 4 year old. We ran into a horrible traffic jam on the way there and very panicked about missing the boat .When we called to let them know we were a few minutes behind the staff and Captain were truly unbelievable with their kindness. They told us exactly where to go and they waited for us. We had such an amazing time! Every single crew member we met were kind and polite. The music and food were great! I would highly recommend this trip and we will for sure be back! (But Next time we will make sure we leave extra early incase of any more traffic problems! )
Hannah Scoggins


about 5 months ago
It was very nice!
Kenneth Beckham

Fun experience

about 5 months ago
The food was good, the views of the mansions were neat, and the Elvis impersonator was the star of the boat ride. We had an awesome time.
Lindsey Kurtz


about 5 months ago
We had a great time the food was good and enjoyed the music.
Joan Duke

5 out of 5

about 6 months ago
I thought the cruise was excellent, ship crew were pleasant, the performer was great,food was tasty. We loved it!I will take the whole family next time.I do have one critique though, if I had brought my lil one, she would not of eaten any of the food, all though we thought the food was good, I dont think she would of eaten it (kids- lol). Maybe add a kid friendly option like chicken tenders or nuggets , and mac and cheese .. besides that I would definaltely recommend. 5 out of 5
Thomas Aiello

River Boat Cruise

about 4 months ago
I am disappointed with the food choices and also the DJ only played country music. The DJ should play music that caters to all cultures. I would not recommend this cruise to anyone unless you like country music.
Terri Sheard

Worth every penny!

about 8 months ago
We really enjoyed the beautiful views… dinner was really good and everyone that worked on the Barefoot Queen was very nice… awesome music … great singing! Great date night!
Patty Bush

Motown review

about 9 months ago
Excellent show Will tell all my friends
Valentine Williams

Barefoot Queen River Boat

about 9 months ago
Excellent food, entertainment and atmosphere.
Angelia Wilkinson


about 8 months ago
Everything was wonderful. Dinner was great and music fantastic. We will do it again as long as we have the same Captain. He was the best driver.
William Groves

Dinner cruise

about 6 months ago
The ribs and the chicken were a bit dried but the cruise was perfect and we had a great time.
Jim Robinson

Wonderful Dinner Cruise

about 5 months ago
It was a picture perfect evening. Food and entertainment was great! We were so glad that we decided to do this!!
Tammy Barry

Cruising with my siblings!!

about 5 months ago
We enjoyed this trip so much. It was a great way to relax and enjoy the water without the heat and work.
Carla Whitton

Good fun

about 3 months ago
We enjoyed singing along with the entertainer. The regular food was good. The salad was wilted and brown. The air blowing on us while we ate and relaxed was too cold. Overall we had a great time!
Terrill Howard

Evening adventure

about 4 months ago
The boat and the atmosphere were both beautiful and relaxing. The food was poor. It was just plopped on the plate with no presentation and tasted bland. The menu could definitely use an upgrade.

Trip cruise

about 7 months ago
It was wonderful! Food and service was great! Music fantastic! Was the best! Will go again!
Debra Hannan

Rolling on the River

about 9 months ago
This was a nice outing fir a couple hours. The Elvis looking singer was very good and sang a nice array of songs. The rest of the staff was very friendly and helpful. The dinner was not too great. The veggies were cooked to mush, cheap rolls, salad had little if any dressing. Had to ask for more. The chicken and gravy thing over rice was just a cheap entree to add to the ribs. Which were good but you got a small portion. We enjoyed after dinner sitting in the front on the deck and looking at the high dollar homes and drooling. All in all it was good but once was enough.
Judy Johnson

Barefoot Queen

about 7 months ago
We had a great time on the cruise! The customer service was remarkable and the atmosphere was very pleasant!

Really enjoyed it!

about 6 months ago
We had a great time. Very organized food was good all staff was very friendly. Our server worked very hard. We will do a dinner cruise again when we visit.
Linda Wilson

Dinner cruise

about 5 months ago
The food could improve slightly. Didn't especially care for the chicken and rice, but that is just personal taste. The
James Grapes

Musician should’ve Lip Synced

about 4 months ago
Being from out of town, we chose the Barefoot Queen Cruise for my birthday. Very pricey for 2 hours. Everything was very well organized. The chicken was pretty dry but the peach cobbler made up for it. The waiter/waitress staff were excellent. I definitely cannot sing but you would think the hired singer could (Travis). The other reviews had shown that he was really good. (I think that’s why they serve alcohol on board) That was the worst of the cruise and at times made us want to jump overboard as we had nowhere else to go. If he’s playing when you want to book yours, think again.
Kim Huggins
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