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Reviews of Dinner Cruise on the Barefoot Queen

Great time
Was very nice great entertainment, food was good.Nice amount of time on the water. Would do again!!
Pamela S.
about 2 years ago
River Boat Cruise
I am disappointed with the food choices and also the DJ only played country music. The DJ should play music that caters to all cultures. I would not recommend this cruise to anyone unless you like country music.
Terri S.
about 2 years ago
Ok... But Missing something
So my girlfriend and I booked this with the hope of a really unique experience. Unfortunately, it turned out to be very basic. The food was okay but by the time our table got called up, they had already run out of some of the items. Additionally it was labeled as a sunset cruise but not only is there no room on the top deck for more than 10 or 15 people, the boat was back before sunset was even close. It literally went up the intercoastal waterway, turned around, and came back. That's it. We just really thought it was going to be a different kind of experience but it was more of a boat ride with food.
Richard C.
about 11 months ago
Musician should’ve Lip Synced
Being from out of town, we chose the Barefoot Queen Cruise for my birthday. Very pricey for 2 hours. Everything was very well organized. The chicken was pretty dry but the peach cobbler made up for it. The waiter/waitress staff were excellent. I definitely cannot sing but you would think the hired singer could (Travis). The other reviews had shown that he was really good. (I think that’s why they serve alcohol on board) That was the worst of the cruise and at times made us want to jump overboard as we had nowhere else to go. If he’s playing when you want to book yours, think again.
Kim H.
about 2 years ago
2023 River Boat ride NMB
The food was so good and the boat ride was nice.
Hasssan F.
about 8 months ago
Beautiful and Enjoyable Dinner Cruise
The food was delicious. The entertainment was wonderful and staff was friendly and attentive.
Martha C.
about 2 years ago
The barefoot Queen
The staff was courteous and feeling and very professional. Vacated the atmosphere and the passages followed.
Gloria C.
about 9 months ago
It was a very relaxing. Ride with music and food and alcohol.
peter s.
about 9 months ago
Great dinner and beautiful family night.
Lilian N.
about 11 months ago
Perfect for our Anniversary
We travelled from TN to Myrtle Beach for our 20th Anniversary and we decided to take a river boat tour for our anniversary and it was a great decision to make a perfect night. Thank y’all so much for accommodating us!! Highly recommend!
Ginger L.
about 1 year ago
Mrs. Velcia Walker
Hello I did think the cruse ride was nice. We did have to move from the entertainment level because our table was broken. The staff was very professional and friendly.
Velcia W.
about 10 months ago
Amazing cruise…absolutely appreciate all aspects of the customer service. We were running late and got a phone call making sure we were still coming. Waitress gave us a linen to do a diaper change and really helped us out. Food and music was great and just absolutely floored by customer service. Definitely recommend again.
Jennifer M.
about 1 year ago
River cruise
Relaxing with good food and entertainment.
Michael M.
about 8 months ago
Excellent trip, great staff. Strongly recommend.
James R.
about 10 months ago
Worth While
Had a great time.- food was delicious - everyone on board was extremely friendly guest and crew members. Would absolutely recommend this activity over and over again. Where else can you get such a great deal - dinner and entertainment while cruising on the water.
Elozabeth D.
about 12 months ago
Absolutely wonderful
It was entertaining, well managed and educating. The food was "absolutely wonderful ".
Joseph C.
about 1 year ago
Great, fun time.
Very nice cruise. The bartender, food server, and the singer/ information guide was great. Interesting facts about the celebrities who own and live here on the waterway areas. The food was good too!
Sandra K.
about 12 months ago
We loved the food and the entertainment was superb!
Sheila C.
about 11 months ago
Personnel were all great. Craft was clean and orderly. All personnel were polite, knowledgeable and competent. Meal was well cooked. Only (very minor) item was that the advertising and paperwork stated that you had a cash bar, so I made sure I had enough cash to buy beer/wine. BUT, we learned the bar was equipped to take credit cards, so that’s what we did…. But we had plenty of cash to contribute to the crew’s gratuities.
Sardha M.
about 1 year ago
Fun Times
Very enjoyable evening. Would recommend
Charity F.
about 11 months ago
Evening adventure
The boat and the atmosphere were both beautiful and relaxing. The food was poor. It was just plopped on the plate with no presentation and tasted bland. The menu could definitely use an upgrade.
about 2 years ago
Good fun
We enjoyed singing along with the entertainer. The regular food was good. The salad was wilted and brown. The air blowing on us while we ate and relaxed was too cold. Overall we had a great time!
Terrill H.
about 2 years ago
Was a nice night out and loved the history of the river and music
Lori L.
about 1 year ago
Scenic dinner cruise
I wish the boat was a little bigger to move around
Tracy J.
about 9 months ago


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