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Reviews of Discover Turtles Encounter at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Turtle encounter
We enjoyed this experience very much!! Thank you for allowing us to go behind the scenes of one fantastic encounter.
lori b.
about 5 years ago
Fun... but not quite as hands-on as we had hoped
The first 2/3rds of the encounter was honestly pretty disappointing... basically just standing there & having the guide talk about the sea turtles and other turtles... but nothing special (not hands-on). The last 1/3rd (with the tortoises) was great, though... got to spend lots of time in the exhibit with the turtles & touch them & play with them. The final 1/3 largely made up for the sub-par first 2/3 of it.
Kevin H.
about 3 years ago
The kids loved it
Our guide was very knowledgeable of all things turtle. The kids enjoyed feeding the African tortoises and red sliders. The sea turtles are cool to see up close. It was pricey for a group of 5, but a really good experience. The animals are rescue/rehab so money is well spent.
M H.
about 5 years ago
Bad weather so not as fun as I expected
Tina a.
about 3 years ago
Really enjoyed the experience. Did not realize we also had to pay to get into the park to just go to the turtle encounter so thought it was a little pricy since we could not stay for several hours. However we were able to catch the dolphin exhibit and it was fantastic.
Faye S.
about 1 year ago
Fun for all ages
My daughter (16), my son (5) and myself all enjoyed this encounter. I really liked how educational it was, it was not just about the interaction with the animal but also a teaching moment. We definitely recommend it!
Sita R.
about 3 years ago
We had to pay a total of $330 for 15 minutes of feeding a tortoise and admission to see not very much. Not worth the cost for sure.
Kilie K.
about 1 year ago


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