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Reviews of Dolphin Adventure Cruise Aboard The Hurricane II

Great trip, boat, staff and the Captain!!!
Suzanna D.
about 7 months ago
Did not see any dolphins
My family and I were so happy to see the dolphins but disappointed that we did not .
Karen D.
about 6 months ago
Fun time
Enjoyed the tour, got to see many Dolphins and the captain was great. The 2nd in command was interesting and gave us interesting facts along the way, would highly recommend.
John P.
about 1 year ago
Dolphins were awesome!
The captain did an excellent job of letting us know what was happening and what to expect next. He really hunted for those dolphins. Thank you!
Rebecca S.
about 8 months ago
Won’t be Disappointed
The price was right and we saw a lot more dolphins that expected. The staff was very friendly and entertained us on the trip back to the doc. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.
Denise S.
about 5 months ago
Dolphin cruise
My granddaughter and I went on the dolphin cruise and although we didn’t see dolphins, we got to pretend a whole fantasy of fun. The boat was clean. Sound system wasn’t the greatest. The crew was very nice.
Linda C.
about 7 months ago
Dolphin Cruise
Very enjoyable Excellent crew Very knowledgeable
Renold J.
about 1 year ago
Our favorite adventure!
We took our 3 kids on this dolphin cruise, ages 5-10, and they absolutely loved it. We saw families of dolphins, had a lovely ride and enjoyed the waves.
Benjamin C.
about 4 months ago
Didn't see any dolphins.
Arthur P.
about 7 months ago
Dolphin experience
Excellent 2 hour tour. Saw dolphins up close. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!
Gislaine G.
about 3 months ago
Way cool
Well the tour got pushed back and was late as well. Once we all got on the boat, the crew was awesome. Seeing the dolphins swimming so close to the boat was way cool. Don't miss this one!!!!
Susan H.
about 1 year ago
It was great! Captain Rob
Barbara T.
about 9 months ago
Absolutely Awesome. The Crew held the boat for me since they had had to change departure location, and I had not received the notification. It was only 10 minutes away. The rather handsome shipmates who took my hand and assisted me on board with graciousness and a smile made up for the inconvenience. The ride was nothing less than perfect! Beautiful adventure, with perfect narrative of the history and area we traveled through. We saw LOTS of Dolphins!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Lorna P.
about 9 months ago
Friendly staff. Fun experience. Saw tons of dolphins and didn't feel rushed.
Alisha E.
about 10 months ago
Hurricane fleet 2
Staff very friendly. Love the ride into the ocean! Saw many dolphins and lots of educational things! Great job done! We have tried many dolphin tours, this one is by far the best! This was the 3rd one and all excellent!
Christiane O.
about 5 months ago
Saw tons of dolphins
Great time, saw tons of dolphins. Crew was very friendly and we all had fun.
Stuart S.
about 6 months ago
Dolphin Cruise Hurricane Fleet
Crew was pleasant and informative. Boat ride was fun even without dolphins.
Patricia A.
about 7 months ago
Extra Effort
Captain and Crew were all so nice!
Susan I.
about 7 months ago
Late Captain Short Trip
Our trips departure location changes on us a couple of hours prior to our 6:30pm trip. Our Captain was 45 minutes late and then still had to prepare the vessel for take off. Needless to say our 2 1/2 hour trip was cut short and only lasted 1 1/2 hours. It would not have mattered to be honest as it was so dark just 45 minutes in that we had all the deck lights on the ship running. Couldn't have seen a dolphin if we tried. My kids said that they would have rather ride the go karts. We will not be going again.
Slade C.
about 6 months ago
Dolphin cruise
Our first time and it was wonderful. Saw many dolphins. We moved here 3 years ago. My 85yo mom was visiting and had never been on a boat or a dolphin cruise specifically. We all really enjoyed. Captain and crew very friendly and helpful.
Brenda E.
about 6 months ago
Great trip.
It was a beautiful trip through unspoiled coastline with a seasoned captain. We did see many dolphins. The crew was very helpful about the area and directed me to a place to buy some perfect fresh shrimp.
Althea U.
about 8 months ago
No Dolphins
Was on the ocean and didn’t see any dolphins or any other sea creatures
Juanita C.
about 7 months ago
We had a good time getting to sightsee on the water. It would have been better if we actually got to see the dolphins.
Matthew F.
about 11 months ago
Viaje en barco
Muy buena excelente
Francisco H.
about 7 months ago


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