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05/31/2020 ~ 06/06/2020

Best experience

about 3 months ago
It was an amazing experience we loved it! Definitely coming back
Kevin M

Dolphin swim journey

about 10 months ago
What a dream come true!! Swimming and interacting with the dolphins was so cool. The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly. I was a bit worried about getting in a deep pool with wild animals but the trainers made me feel safe and at ease. It was a bit expensive for the amount of time you are with the dolphins but I would still give it 5 stars for such a magical experience.
Jackie S


about 10 months ago
Absolutely amazing
Melissa T

Swim Adventure

about 10 months ago
I surprised my 14 year old daughter Lily with a swim adventure with the dolphins. She got to interact with Cajun. She had a great time learning facts about the dolphins, how they train them, etc. She loved being able to do tricks and take pictures. Her favorite was defintely the belly ride. I recommend this for anyonem The staff at Gulfworld was friendly and very informative.
Melissa T

30min more like 4!

about 10 months ago
The adventure swim is supposed to get you 30 minutes in the water with the dolphins but what actually happened is you share your time with 13 other people and get about 4 minutes of interaction time. The trainer was great and it was still a great experience.
Carmen Y

Swim with the Dolphins Adventure

about 10 months ago
Fabulous experience. We had concerns but the trainers were wonderful and the experience was very well controlled. We never felt unsafe for our 12 year old granddaughter. Then the people at the front desk were great to help with picture selections. Super nice people all around. Expensive but we were on vacation.
Tammy S

Dolphin swim

about 10 months ago
Experience was great. I had a little one that was hesitant once he got in the water and then wanted to get out and the girl in charge was fantastic. She got him to do all the pics I was hoping for and by the end he was so excited he didn’t want to get out.
Christy S

Dolphin swim

about 11 months ago
One of the worst experiences of my life. So miss leading and over priced. My 7 year old turned to me and said that’s it daddy? $500 for 3 people to stand on a ledge in a pool and hug a dolphins fin and take pictures they want to charge you $65 to purchase one photo. This is an absolute joke and rip off. Should Be ashamed
Jerry B

Swim with Roux

about 11 months ago
I loved it!!! I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins and I got my chance. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals.
Michael F

Dolphin Adventure

about 12 months ago
My children (8 & 10) did this adventure with their grandma. They loved every second of it and learned a lot at the same time. They do not allow you to take your own pictures but they do have a photographer taking pictures that you can purchase the rights to (which was very expensive in my opinion). I doubt that we would ever do that adventure again (due to cost), but I am beyond happy that my girls were able to experience swimming with dolphins.
Bonnie R