Destin, FL > Dolphin Cruises & Tours
06/05/2020 ~ 06/11/2020

Entertaining excursion

about 4 days ago
We loved Captain Brad and Jake. We had a thrilling boat ride and saw lots of dolphins up close and personal. Give it a try!
Donna M

Great time

about 10 months ago
Captain was great. More of a personal experience, opposed to the mass group event. Would recommend.
Jonathan A

Great fast family fun

about 10 months ago
Brad was a great captain. His boat is awesome. He was very informative of Destin and knew exactly where the dolphins were. He would get the boat around and they would surf on our wakes. The whole family had a blast.
Nick B


about 10 months ago
It was wonderful. We only saw 3 dolphins but we still had a great time!! Brad and his wife were so nice!
Cydell J

Not a thrill ride

about 10 months ago
We booked hydrojet that we’ve done before and love it! However, it broke down and tripshock suggested screaming eagle as a replacement. A lot more money and way less excitement! They say it’s an hour. 20 minutes getting out of harbor, 15 minutes sitting looking for dolphins, and sea life, which was nice but way too long sitting. Like 5 minutes of actual going fast in the boat. Hydrojet goes a lot faster and a lot more drive time!!! Still see dolphins and such. However, The captain and crew were very cool on Screaming Eagle but so disappointed in the “thrill” ride. Extra $65 and way less excitement.
Troy P

Great trip

about 11 months ago
Great excursion. Both the captain and his assistant were informative and personable.
Becky L

Great staff

about 11 months ago
Great fun was not ready for it to end!
Carol w

Dolphin cruise

about 11 months ago
Awesome guides. Very thrilling ride. Loved being able to see the dolphins. Honestly the best part of our trip. Would definitely recommend.
Bennie C

Fast Pace! Get wet!

about 1 year ago
Captain Brad was excellent! Not only did we get to enjoy a beautiful morning on the water, but he knew exactly where to go to find dolphins in their natural habitat. He was happy to answer any questions we had and was very knowledgeable about Destin history. The boat itself is great: smooth ride, comfortable seats, and fast-pace!


about 1 year ago
If you are looking to go on a smaller boat for a more intimate and personal dolphin cruise experience, you've found it! Our group of 8 didn't want to be elbow to elbow with tons of people so we looked for a better option and found it at the Screaming Eagle! Their booth is located on the end of the harbor which is called Heron Harbor. Parking is free!! I suggest leaving your hotel early because even in the morning, Destin traffic is awful. After parking down by the dock, we walked to the booth, checked in and jumped on the boat with Capt Brad. We took an early morning trip and are so glad we did! The water was so clear... you could seriously see all kinds of fish. Capt Brad let us choose whether we just wanted a cruise or a thrill ride, of course we wanted a thrill and it was awesome! We got wet a few times and had a ton of laughs. Just outside of the East Pass we saw several dolphins including babies. It was just magical watching them glide through the water beside us. The captain moved the boat several times so we all got the best view and could take pictures. It was a trip we won't forget and are glad we didn't have to share the experience with 50+ strangers. We hope to be back soon!