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01/19/2020 ~ 01/25/2020
Great day
about 5 months ago
It was a very nice day. Not counting Mother Nature. I am a local. I am so glad you guys represent our town in the manner you do. The crew was very professional and curtious.
Jeffrey M
Super 70th Celebration
about 2 months ago
Blessed with amazing weather as we celebrated Mom's 70th on the Hannah Marie. Must have seen 100 dolphins, gorgeous sunset, and learned a lot about the Harbor. Mom "captained" the ship, crew took pics, Captain answered all our questions. Amazing views, amazing crew... we all had a blast. Can't wait to do it again.
Janie E
Wonderful Experience
about 2 months ago
First and foremost the crew on this ship was so passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge of dolphins you couldn't help but soak it in. We were able to view the dolphins within the first 10 minutes of our trip and had an absolutely awesome experience. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.
Vallorie G
Excellent family activity
about 2 months ago
The guides were great and the dolphins didn’t disappoint either! We saw plenty of dolphins and toured quite a bit of the bay and explored some of the gulf. The captain was careful to stay in calm waters and alert us of the changing conditions. We loved feeding the seagulls Funyuns :)
Michelle M
Dolphins galore
about 2 months ago
It was awesome saw a lot of dolphins up close COOL BEANS
Leo L
about 2 days ago
Juanita R
about 4 days ago
Jacob W
about 5 days ago
Oscar M
about 5 days ago
Eva C
about 5 days ago
Kathy S
about 6 days ago
laura k