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about 7 days ago
We went on the 1030 cruise which was not crowded at all and saw a lot of Dolphin activity! The crew was great and very friendly! Glass bottom is a bit of a stretch, all you see is the sand at the bottom of the ocean since you don’t go very far out. Overall great extra for the kids to get out on the water and see the dolphins!
Jennifer Choate

Very fun

about 13 days ago
It was exciting. But the boat isn’t super stable in the swells. We got soaked and had to hang on while the boat pitched side to side. I get the water was big. But a warning on their cruise description that you may get wet would better prepare passengers. Also the music they played loudly while they talk on the PA was a bit annoying at times. Maybe turn it down when you need people to listen. We did see a lot of dolphins! Bathroom smelled wretched and the only glass in the bottom of the boat was a few pieces near the engine and the whole room smelled like gasoline. Again cruise price was good. Maybe do not include the glass bottom part.
Joanne Marsh

Awesome Cruise

about 19 days ago
We enjoyed every minute of our dolphin cruise! It was so fun to see all the dolphins following the boat! I would highly recommend this cruise to everyone!
Paula Conrad

Dolphins Galore!

about 18 days ago
We saw so many dolphins and the Captain was very knowledgeable about the history of the area. Great cruise!
Elizabeth Ricci


about 3 hours ago
Awesome experience, great captain
Christina Almanza


about 16 days ago
We saw 3 dolphins that was awesome. It was a beautiful day and the boat ride was great.see yall next time
Tammy Majoria

Dolphin and crab island cruise

about 2 days ago
Easy to book. Captain was amazing. Very interactive. Crew in the boat were very friendly and accommodating.
Anusha Konda

Happy with the experience.

about 15 days ago
We booked this last minute after another charter cancelled our reservation due to too few passengers. I feel like this was meant to be as it was much cheaper than the other booking, but it clearly met all my expectations. Beautiful day. We saw dolphins. The crew was nice. I had no safety worries.
D L Roth

We loved it!!!

about 4 days ago
My husband & I did this on our honeymoon. We were there around the time of departure & we had trouble with finding the boat. They called us and directed us there over the phone & didn’t leave until we found it. We thought this was so kind. The ride was so beautiful & fun!!!
Mary Tolomeo

Enjoyed the boat ride

about 1 day ago
This is my second riding on the boat and I've enjoyed it both times. I will ride again when visiting Destin.
C Meadows


about 3 days ago
Such a wonderful experience! The crew was so friendly and my girls loved the entire ride!
Pamela Brown

Excellent time

about 16 days ago
I have a great. Time on the boat and will do it again.
David Hill

Destin Dolphin Tour

about 12 days ago
There were 6 of us in our party. We had a wonderful time and got to see a lot of dolphins. The captain and crew were wonderful and made our experience even better than imagined. We will be back.
Daryl Dufoe

Lots of dolphin sightings with beautiful sunset

about 9 days ago
The crew did a great job providing details about Destin and what we seeing. Loved that they also took family pics of us on the ship too…for free.
Lisa Bieniek

Well worth the money!

about 3 days ago
The family enjoyed the trip. The crew was energetic and making sure we were having a good time. Plus we were able to get in our exercise running from one side of the boat to the other to see the dolphins!!!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to do for a couple of hours!
Eric Engles

Great experience

about 3 days ago
This was our first time on a boat cruise. The experience was amazing and wonderful. The capatain and the staff were very knowledgeable and made the experience even more enjoyable... We saw plenty of dolphins on the tour.I will definitely be booking the cruise again.
Tyre Bell

Olin Marler Dolphin Cruise

about 4 days ago
We had the great time, the captain and crew were wonderful.
Leo Lopez

Dolphin sightseeing cruise

about 20 days ago
Highlight of our trip! Fantastic crew, friendly and informative. We saw Lots of dolphins even though the cruise would have been worth it even if we hadn’t.
Norbert Linenfelser

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

about 11 days ago
Worth the money. My kids had so much fun this was the highlight of our trip. Highly recommend.
Leah Collins

So glad we went!

about 19 days ago
All of us had a wonderful time- we had three kids under 5, parents and grandparents aboard. The crew was great, we saw dolphins up close, and the sunset was gorgeous.
Alicia Emholtz

Dolphin tour

about 4 days ago
Was great!! We did see a lot of dolphins
Maria Harding

Dolphin cruiser

about 13 days ago
It was a wonderful trip and seen so many dolphins.!! The captains was great also!
Ron Arnett


about 15 days ago
It was our 10th wedding anniversary. We decided on a dolphin tour and we're not disappointed. Our captain on the Hannah Marie was very knowledgeable about Destin history. I learned things I never knew. Bailey was a great crew mate and was ready to help with anything we needed. She made is very comfortable being on a boat. We did see several dolphins and that was exciting. Overall a 10 for us.
Sonya Hunter

Dolphin Cruise

about 7 days ago
We had a great time!
Wesley Barnt


about 3 days ago
Was a great experience for never being out on the ocean before, very informative!! Great people!
Jeanne Hann
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