Destin, FL > Kids Fishing
01/22/2020 ~ 01/28/2020
Fishing with Kids
about 4 years ago
This is the second year our grandchildren have enjoyed an outing with Captain Joe. They can't wait to go again next year. The two-hour trip is just right for younger children. Captain Joe and his "first mate"in the office were wonderful to work with. Thank you for giving our grandkids a fun memory.
Monica N
Great experience
about 3 months ago
Captain Joe was great! Put us right on fish and we were catching the whole time. Great with kids! Will absolutely be back.
Sarah L
Perfect for kids
about 3 months ago
Captain Joe was very nice and my 7 yr old son had a good time. Perfect setting for 1 on 1 attention. We would recommend to any family looking for a good fishing trip.
Brad C
So fun
about 4 months ago
Even though my kids wanted nothing to do with actually fishing ( I think it mostly had to do with being nervous on the boat) Captain Joe kept them entertained with the bait fish and they had a blast! It was a great day!
Lizzie L
Captain Joe's a fun guy!
about 4 months ago
We had a great time with Captain Joe. He knew the waters, how to fish, and he was great with the kids. While the gulf-side was very choppy and had huge waves, he took us out into the inlet, which was very calm. We caught a mackerel, and two bluefish, which were all great eat'n! While the boat can hold four passengers (plus the captain, for five total), it's tough for four people to fish. It's a lot of rods and lines, all getting tangled. Overall, we had a great time. We would definitely look to do it again next time we're in the area.
Not Kid Friendly
about 4 months ago
Pretty disappointed in our trip yesterday (Sept 2019). When we boarded the boat the captain never introduced himself or asked our names, throughout our 2 hour trip he barely made any conversation at all. We booked this trip for our 3 year old son, who loves fishing at home. Not sure what about this trip was supposed to be kid friendly. The captain was kind, but not overly friendly or entertaining for our son. There was nothing that was geared towards a kid. He got bored and fell asleep towards the end. My husband was pretty disappointed we didn't catch our first fish until the last 30 minutes of our trip. In total we ended up catching 8 small fish (catfish, lady fish) in that last 30 minutes. On the bright side, we did see 2 dolphins and a sea turtle which was cool.
Diana S
about 4 months ago
Amanda Y
Kids fishing with Rodeo Joe
about 5 months ago
Joe was excellent with the kids and made sure we had an awesome time. We would book with him again. The southern resorts was not our favorite. The email didn’t mention anything about where to go and they didn’t answer or return our call. They also did not seem to have a location on harbor walk. Joe answered and guided us where to go so all went well.
Kids fishing with Captain Joe
about 5 months ago
This was the best activity we did the entire week. Captain Joe is a quiet man but a wonderful person and fisherman. He was very calm and did not force our child to look at the fish he had caught that had teeth. If we visit again we will definitely book this again. Thank you Captain Joe and God bless you and your family.
Karen E
Great trip!
about 5 months ago
We booked with Capt. Joe because we were looking for a fun charter boat experience for kids and we couldn't be more happy with it! We caught 5 mackerel and 1 speckled trout and maybe 30 large ladyfish. It was a blast! Capt Joe knows where to go to catch fish. It was non-stop action and our 5 year old son had the time of his life. Capt Joe fillet all the fish we caught and had an awesome fish dinner that night. We highly recommend booking with Capt Joe. We can't wait To go again next year!
William C
Great time
about 6 months ago
Awesome trip. Really nice setup and good results.
Eric J