New Orleans, LA > Cooking Classes
01/29/2020 ~ 02/04/2020
I would recommend this to anyone!
about 8 months ago
We had Harriet as our chef/teacher for this 2.5hr course. She was engaging, funny, delightful, and answered all of our questions. Her stories were appropriate and worked with the time involved with cooking. I would recommend this to anyone traveling to New Orleans becuase it was by far the highlight of my trip! Thank you
Jennifer N
Overall Good Experience
about 9 months ago
History of the food that was demo was interesting. The gumbo and bread pudding were very good. Jambalaya not so much. Annoying, a few late comers for another activity walked through the demo kitchen while our chef was cooking. The class never officially ended or we didn't hear him say thanks for coming. Chef Brandon left the area and went out to the store after making the pralines. The people in the class past the plate of pralines around the room ourselves and then followed Chef Brandon to the store.
Faria S
New Orleans cooking school
about 9 months ago
Brandon was a wonderful instructor--lots of good tips plus he was quite the comedian --
Edythe R
French Quarter Cooking: jambalaya, gumbo, bread pudding, pralines
about 9 months ago
Great experience, the chef was entertaining and knowledgeable. The food was excellent and you were able to have seconds! As soon as I get home I’ll be making the jambalaya and gumbo! I bought all the seasonings... just hope my luggage doesn’t weigh too much! I’d rather throw some clothes out then the seasoning! Hahahahaha!
Sonya B
about 3 months ago
Cynthia O
about 6 months ago
Karol T
Delicious and amusing
about 10 months ago
Great food with an amusing and entertaining chef. Definitely worth it. I don't like bread pudding. I LOVED their bread pudding. Sorry, I don't like cajun cooking. I LOVED the entire meal. Guess I'm a convert!
Marsha Laya
about 12 months ago
Kathleen A
about 1 year ago
Ellen Nolff
Cooking demo
about 1 year ago
Will do this again!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Chef Brandon was very thorough in his presentation and extremely entertaining
Gary H