Destin, FL > Waverunner Dolphin Tours
06/02/2020 ~ 06/08/2020

Excellent Wave Runner & Dolphin Experience

about 3 days ago
Our guide at Gilligan’s was excellent. The water was pretty choppy, and she was very concerned about the comfort level of our group, frequently checking on us. Luckily, we were all experienced riders and handled the water well. We found a group of dolphins and they swam around us while we idled for several minutes. I always use TripShock when I book activities. Great experience and discount every time!
Karen S

Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

about 10 months ago
We had an amazing time on the jet ski’s and got super lucky to see dolphins also! If you do not have your boaters license make sure to show up 45min to an hour early! You have to take a 25 question test to be able to drive the jet ski’s yourself.
Meagan V

Great time!

about 10 months ago
The experience was wonderful, we were able to see dolphins very close and even swimming under us at some points. The downside was that a lot of the time was used up just getting through the no wake zone. It would have been nicer to have more time out looking for dolphins. Overall it was a great experience!
Philip P

Dolphin tour

about 10 months ago
This experience was probably the best part of our trip. Our tour guide was awesome! My husband forgot his ID and had to run back to the hotel and he waited for us!
Dana D

Not friendly at all

about 10 months ago
The young blonde girl at the check in desk was so rude... i i formed the owner and he did t seem to care at all.... when i read google reviews they all complain about the same young girl. Plenty of other places to rent from that are super friendly
Cindy R

Excellent value

about 10 months ago
Highly recommend to any vacationer. After spotting several dolphins that we could almost touch. We opened up the waverunners and had a blast!!! Excellent tour guide and money well spent. Definitely a do over on a future trip. "Conner" my daughter would like for you to snap chat or call her!
Michael M

Dolphin tour

about 10 months ago
We enjoyed the experience. However we got minimal Instruction on the operation of the wave runner and on the protocol of the tour itself as in how close to stay to the guide and what the hand signals meant. But we had plenty of freedom to explore and open up the machine and we got to see some dolphins. I would just say that they could give you a little more about the rules and expectations of what’s ok and what’s not ok during the tour. Overall, we had a great time and the guide was really good at finding dolphins. Kids really enjoyed going fast in the waverunner. Good Value and knowledgeable staff made it a good experience.
William G

Brandon is a dolphin whisperer!

about 11 months ago
Brandon was a great guide. Despite the rough waters he was able to deliver on his promise to show us dolphins. We felt safe and comfortable the whole time. Would highly recommend!
Joe B

Jet ski dolphin tour

about 11 months ago
Our tour guide was wonderful! We saw a lot of dolphins on our trip and our guide was very knowledgeable about the area. We all had a lot of fun! We would highly recommend!
Jeffery C


about 11 months ago
Great experience I will definitely do again with them
Yaney G