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Reviews of Gulf Shores Banana Boat Rides

Over priced
I was very disappointed with the time on the ride compared to the cost.
Ryan M.
about 3 years ago
Too short bad attitude
The trip was literally 5 minutes! All the fast are very unfriendly I was getting in and the guy literally said hurry up guys like dude it’s slippery wet and of course i dnt have great knees I noticed a customer after us she was also having a hard time getting on and nobody helped her and they seemed annoyed! Honestly it’s not worth it it’s cheap yes but also cheap customer service!
maria m.
about 10 months ago
Fun dolphin cruise
The captain and crew were very nice and helpful. We loved seeing the dolphins and feeding the birds
Amanda W.
about 10 months ago
Parasail, banana boat ride
Amazing. Thank you!!!
Amanda H.
about 2 years ago
Banana boat
Please add more turns to the ride!
Millie M.
about 2 years ago
Airboat adventures!
Captain Mark, was fun and definitely recommended for an hour ride! The gators were cool to see!
Sergio P.
about 3 years ago
banana boat ride
Loved it!! the driver was awesome!
Gabbi W.
about 1 year ago
Banana Boat Excellence
My kids age range from 22 to 4 had the best time ever attendant was friendly and super sweet Would definitely recommend and return next time Booking was easy and super close to our condo
Paulina C.
about 3 years ago
Everything was very nice.. th weather was perfect we got a Chance to see the dolphins and took great pictures
Gabriel H.
about 11 months ago
Very fun attraction
The banana boat ride was a really fun boat ride. If you’re going over to gulf shores I recommend you go to the banana boat ride. A great family activity. The ride last about 10 minutes. And worth the money.
Stephen W.
about 3 years ago
Very Fun for All of the Family
Family of 4 , fun !!!
Doneisha M.
about 3 years ago
Loved the Banana boat ride
My boys had such a great time & begged to go again
Cassidy L.
about 3 years ago
Extremely long time to wait
We were schedule for a Banana boat ride at 2:00PM. We were waiting until 3:35PM because they had to take care of the people that were Parasailing first. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
Ramon G.
about 3 years ago
I want my money back
My reservation was cancelled due to weather conditions and I have not been refunded my payment.
Ron K.
about 1 year ago
Banana boat ride
Such a scam for what we paid I didn’t realize it was just with a WaveRunner off the shore and literally like five minute ride. My kids didn’t even get wet. It was that bad.
Nicolas J.
about 14 days ago
Vacationers Ride
We're grateful that the staff accommodated our tardiness, due to getting lost, and fit us in for our ride. The ride was a blast but the time approaching a location to accelerate enough for a fun ride is too long.
Tom H.
about 11 months ago
They just kept yelling at us to hurry (even though I’m short and fat” no customer service like at all. They took off before my husband was even on fully. The only reason I rated a 2 is because of the super sweet girl upon check in. I dislike giving gratuity first because they didn’t deserve it, like at all.
Stephanie S.
about 2 years ago
So much fun!
Although the ride is short it’s such a blast! The driver was friendly and asked if we wanted to go fast or slow. We chose fast and had such a good time! Will definitely return next time we’re in Gulf Shores.
Ashlee N.
about 3 years ago
Banana boat wasn’t what was advertised
The picture advertised was not what we rode on. The people running the banana boat put way too many people on the ride and the jet ski could not pull us very fast. Half of us had to get off. When it was our turn to ride I feel like our ride was cut short because we had to spilt up. Not worth the money.
Brandie F.
about 2 years ago
Fun ride!
We had kids and adults ride the banana boat and everyone had a great time!
Sarah M.
about 2 years ago
Bañana boat ride
Great customer service ! So friendly !
Luzmaria D.
about 14 days ago
Extremely fun
This is such a fun experience. I wish it could have lasted longer. My 3, 11, and 13 year Olds all really enjoyed it and wanted to go again. The staff was extremely friendly and they also seen dolphins so took us so we could all see them.
Britany H.
about 11 months ago
So much fun!
My two sons and I had a great time on the banana boat. There was a little bit of a wait but it was well worth it! The guy that was driving the jet ski was personable and really made it fun for us.
Emily H.
about 3 years ago
Must have patience
Paying and booking online was easy. We followed instructions only to arrive and wait in a line for those who didn’t book online. We were than directed to wait at a flag. We did and kept waiting while the workers ate meals under an umbrella. No one told us it would be 30 min or any info. I would have kept my sunglasses on and maybe hung onto a water. Anyway, finally the boat pulls up and a ton of people jump on it. They weren’t waiting with us. We get the back no problem. The guy says we can go three speeds. I literally didn’t get a spec of water on me. We do this every year. It’s suppose to be thrilling and fun and hilarious. None of that was the case for us. Poor communication and workers acted like they were doing us a favor.
Madalyn G.
about 3 years ago


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