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about 2 months ago
Loved r trip. Needs to be a lil longer. We so enjoyed.
Sheree Brady

Family Parasailing

about 4 months ago
It was all about the kids and they had a blast. Staff was great!
Kristine Donato

Wonderful beachfront stay

about 4 months ago
We had a great stay! The condo was clean and had plenty of room for 6. Access to the beach and beautiful view from the balcony I
Cassidy Bishop


about 5 months ago
It was fast and furious
Tracy Thompson

The best Time

about 3 months ago
This was the beat experience! My 11 year old was nervous and the crew on the boat made her feel relaxed with their amazing personalities. It was the just the greatest thing we have done.
Jaclyn Pierce

Awesome Parsailing

about 5 months ago
Our entire family had a great experience. Crew was super nice and made us feel safe and we had a great time. Will definitely book through you guys again.
Carmen Ramos

Don't waste your money!

about 4 months ago
We booked a 3 person parasail trip and paid almost $300. The crew was in a rush due to the weather so they didn't even wait til everyone was in the banana boat before it took off and my daughter was flopping around trying to find a handle. Thankfully she wasn't hurt. Once the parasail rides started I timed each one and the first 5 rides were out of the boat for 4-5 minutes total. When I complained at the booth they called the boat so the last ride got a WHOLE 6 minutes! At that point I called the management number and the customer service was awful. They went on to inform me that they don't guarantee a certain amount of parasail time and advertise UP TO 10 minutes so apparently 4-5 was perfectly fine to them. What a WASTE of money! And we had to give them a mandatory 15% tip in the fee. Not deserving at all!! Book elsewhere!
Taylor Hasbrook

Parsailing Adventure

about 6 months ago
Girls had a GREAT time, crew was fantastic! On way back they were able to ride the banana boat behind the jet ski right along dolfins. Highly recommend!!
Jonna Hall

It was great

about 4 months ago
We had a wonderful time
Britteny Lukenbill


about 4 months ago
We had a blast. Everyone was so nice and it was just a fun experience…
Connie Williams

Thought I be scared!

about 5 months ago
Nothing was scary about this adventure, abd I don't even like heights, once your up there, everything is so peaceful, and it moves even slower than I would image, if given the opportunity I would do it again!
Rick Charlot

Banana boat/Parasailing

about 5 months ago
This was a very fun thing to do but I unfortunately didn't read the fine print that says the parasailing/banana boat combo is only about 20 minutes total. Including the tip/gratuity this experience was 250.00.
Marcus Rios

Not worth the money

about 5 months ago
It just wasn’t long enough. In the description we read that we would be parasailing for 10 minutes but it wasn’t no where near that long. It was more like 7 minutes.
Carrie Osteen


about 4 months ago
The staff on our boat were very friendly and professional.
Michelle Little

Great Experience!

about 5 months ago
Overall we had a wonderful experience! The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that the time we were on the parasail seemed short (didn’t feel like 10 minutes but again, I wasn’t keeping track of the time.)! We would definitely do it again! My 4 year old loved it!
Lauren Howard


about 4 months ago
My friend had this on her bucket list, we had a great time. All of the workers were awesome. Thank you!
Dana Hollingsworth

Inaccurate directions

about 5 months ago
The directions told us to park at Seawind condominiums and pay $3. This is inaccurate. You have to park across the street at the Surf store and there is no parking fee. Although the banana boat is fun, you may end up with some bruises. Be forewarned.
Linda Hoover


about 4 months ago
Had blast great customer service . But will not do again due to 15% charge at booth . Well paid for trip with $400 I paid didn’t need pay another $75 . Will not recommend bc of extra . Th and goodness I had on card I had with me or would had to cancel
Amy Fant


about 4 months ago
Our daughter and her friend parasailed they said it was fun but if the two guys that were at the beginning that worked there weren't so unfriendly it would help with easing some nervousness!! We agreed!!
Ryan Sweeney

Great experience

about 4 months ago
Enjoyed the parasail and banana boat ride! ✔️ off the bucket list.
julie figura


about 3 months ago
We had a great time. Staff knew what they were doing and very polite
Randall Carter

Great fun

about 3 months ago
Perfect pleasure para sailing with top tier water sports
Gary Wilson


about 3 months ago
My family and I really enjoyed it!! It was our first time parasailing and we were nervous, to say the least. Nevertheless, once we got in the air, it was probably the most calming, peaceful ride I've ever been on!! I think roller coasters are more scary! I wish the ride were longer, but it was worth the amazing experience! And the crew was nice!
Nakieta Salas

Parasailing is awesome

about 2 months ago
Loved the experience and the crew. Would have lived a little longer ride considering the extra tip and fuel fees.
Ginger Ashford


about 2 months ago
We went to the wrong place originally, called and made sure they knew we were gonna be a few minutes behind and they were very kind and accommodating. The banana boat out to the big boat was fun and the men running the parasailing boat were funny and made sure everyone was safe. The experience, going up in the air was amazing and thrilling and then so peaceful. Would do this a million times over!
Victoria spradlin
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