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Reviews of Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Admission Tickets

Don’t miss this attraction
Great family fun place. Worth every penny !
Deena S.
about 10 months ago
Enjoyed the dolphins
David B.
about 11 months ago
Gulfarium tickets were great
Bought my Gulfarium tickets on tripshock after calling them because I was skeptical. Easiest $40 I ever saved, plus we skipped the line at the place because my phone number was already in the system, showing our tickets. Highly recommended.
David S.
about 11 months ago
Grandma daughter 3grandsons
Really like this place and the kids enjoyed it immensely
Deborah B.
about 4 months ago
So much fun!
The experience is great for kids and adults if you want to see awesome Marine animals! They really seem to care for the animals their and they put on great shows!
Lauren H.
about 1 year ago
Worth it the money
Thank you tripshock it was really fun to watched the show, will definitely visit Destin, Florida again and hit the Gulfarium!
Alma S.
about 11 months ago
Loads of fun
Was very pleased with all the shows and the staff was very nice. Great place to visit, definitely worth going to.
Kimetha M.
about 10 months ago
Great experience
We enjoyed our visit. It was educational and fun for the whole family. Our teenagers even liked it.
JoyLynn M.
about 11 months ago
Good show
Everything was good just there not have many place to seat to see the show but other than that all was very good.
Nancy V.
about 11 months ago
Dolphin show brought smiles
Dolphin show brought smiles To all our faces. It was such a positive experience for my twin nephews. There are 6 and difficult to entertain. Even the adults enjoyed the show. I could have watched the dolphin show several more times. It’s no sea world., but it satisfied our needs to see dolphins since we don’t live near the ocean. Would recommend
Jody K.
about 11 months ago
Great snorkeling experience; even caught a fish to show the kids. Fish came right up and ate from their fingertips. Experienced dolphins surfing behind the boat…. No words besides breathtaking! Great crew and the kids loved driving the boat. Thanks again for such great memories!
Trudy W.
about 10 months ago
Excellent activity for toddlers.
Relatively inexpensive compared to most other activities in the area. Our toddlers (2 & 4) enjoyed it a lot. It was hard to drag them through the exit, aka the gift shop, but other than that it was an enjoyable experience.
Ryan S.
about 11 months ago
Fabulous Presentations
The presentations were so great! We got to watch the Dolphin and Sea Lion presentation and they were both so fun! The Sea Lion one in particular was hilarious! The dolphin one was fun to watch as well. Definitely and must on the list of things to check out while in the Destin area.
Pamela A.
about 11 months ago
Great family experience!
Visiting the Gulfarium was a great day out with the family! From graceful dolphins gracefully gliding through the water to the intricate patterns of colorful tropical fish, every corner of this establishment showcases the wonders of our oceans. The attention to detail in recreating their natural habitats is impressive and creates an immersive experience. The exhibits are thoughtfully designed and allow visitors to observe marine life up close in their natural habitats. Each exhibit is well maintained, with crystal-clear tanks that offer a perfect view of the marine creatures in all their splendor. What sets them apart is the commitment to education and conservation. The passionate and knowledgeable staff members are always ready to answer questions and share their expertise, making the visit not just entertaining but also educational. Another highlight of this aquarium is the awe-inspiring shows and demonstrations. The captivating dolphin performances left me in awe of their intelligence and agility, while the feeding sessions and underwater dives offered a unique opportunity to witness the incredible feeding habits of various marine creatures. These experiences truly enhance the overall visit and leave a lasting impression.
Kenneth P.
about 1 year ago
GULFARIUM in Fort Walton Beach.
We loved our experience at the GULFARIUM in Fort Walton Beach. The grandchildren enjoyed the shows and watching the amazing fish and other sea animals!
Susann S.
about 11 months ago
Dolphin and sea lion
Excellent dolphin and sea lion shows!
Colby P.
about 11 months ago
Always a must!
We love visiting the gulfarium. It's a must on every beach trip! We're really excited about the expansions they're making and can't wait to see the new exhibits next time.
Michell Y.
about 11 months ago
So much fun!!
We are from out of state and I wanted to show my kids a shark up close, the sea lions and dolphin show were so amazing!!! Made us laugh! Loved the entire place , fun for the whole family for sure !!
Amanda S.
about 4 days ago
Everyone loved it!!! We had such a good time!!!
Misty S.
about 11 months ago
Wonderful family time!
Booking our tickets to Gulfarium through TripShock was really easy & convenient. Our family had the best time & Gulfarium was a fun, dry place to spend a rainy day. My littles loved everything about the marine park and the dolphin show was a big highlight!
Ashlie F.
about 8 months ago
Great visit!
The forecast called for rain this day so we booked tix to see some marine life and enjoy the day anyways. They did not disappoint!
Anthony L.
about 7 months ago
The dolphin show and sea lion show were great. Everything else was a bit unorganized. It was unclear on which way to go for animals and shows and a lot of animals weren’t out.
Ratyna P.
about 10 months ago
We really enjoyed the aquarium! My favorite part was the dolphin and sea lion shows!
Alicia W.
about 9 months ago
Not worth what they ask for. If I didn't love turtles so much. U should be able to view them more eso since they're such a rescue center 4 turtles
Delane T.
about 1 year ago


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