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Reviews of Hilton Head to Daufuskie Island Roundtrip from Broad Creek Marina

Poor Quality
The boat ride itself was pleasant enough however finding exactly where to park and which building amongst many to go to to check-in was very complicated. Also, we were not made aware of the fact that you pretty much need a golf cart to navigate the island and that it costs $80 to rent. If you wait to get to the island to rent the cart, it can cost $90. The need to rent a golf cart is not mentioned in the information about the excursion. Also, it was very unclear, once we got down to the dock itself, which boat was ours. It was 95° out and extremely humid. Waiting for the boat without any shade was demanding on many people.
Kim B.
about 2 years ago
Great trip
Captain was very knowledgeable about local folklore and shared personal experience. Will be back!
Christine B.
about 3 years ago
Trip to Daufuskie
On the boat over to Dafuskie Island the seas were a little rough and the pontoon boat was loaded front heavy. This caused the boat to “plow“ in the front (which to a non boater looked like the boat was sinking) when it went into a wave allowing a substantial amount of water to wash into the deck (this might not have happened if the captain and his mate were not looking at their phones). The captain cut his engine allowing a good portion of the water to drain but still left a couple of inches on the deck. This was frightening to a number of passengers. Secondly, we went to the restaurant to get our lunch and use our voucher. When I went to download the voucher there was no internet service so I couldn’t show proof. Luckily, the waiter believed me (moaning about how he’s never told anything and wish he was kept informed) and applied the appropriate credit to our bill. Had I realized this, I would have printed the vouchers out. On a more positive note, We had a person with us who has difficulty walking any distance and the staff was very helpful in managing her transportation to and from the dock as well as on and off the boat. The ride back on the boat was thankfully uneventful!!
Cheryl B.
about 3 years ago
Fun trip
The Island was really cool and we had a great day the only thing that was a bummer about the day was how slow the golf carts went and it took a really long time to get anyone on the island because of how slow they are other than that good time
Andrea D.
about 3 years ago
Daufuskie trip
Took the 7hr trip, rented golf cart. First time there! Great fun and loved the history. Everything was ready for us!
Gary S.
about 3 years ago
Wonderful boat ride, interesting tour of Dufaskie Island, SC. A self guided tour. Had a great time. Highly recommend everyone take this tour. Can't stop talking about it. Denise
Denise C.
about 11 months ago
Bring me back to HHI on same boat!!
I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel and vibe of the ferry on the way to Daufuskie Island!! However, when picked up to leave, we were smooshed on to a small boat and not the ferry! Not to mention it was in the middle of a storm and it was pouring rain! I paid for a ferry ride not the small boat! My friends and I were soaked when we got back to Hilton Head and ultimately unimpressed by the explanation provided to us when asked where the ferry was., which was; 14 people or less, they don take out the ferry!??! Unsatisfied customer to say the least.
Arlene E.
about 11 months ago
Good time
The workers were very kind and professional. Really enjoyed the trip.
Mark B.
about 3 years ago


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